Eva Longoria Engaged To Marry Jose Antonio Baston

Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston are engaged. Baston, the president of the Latin America’s largest media company, Televisa, proposed to the actress while the two were in Dubai on their travels for the Global Gift Foundation. On Sunday morning, Longoria made the big announcement via Twitter and Instagram with a romantic pic of Eva and Jose together in the desert.

According to Daily Mail, the pic shows the couple “enthusiastically” kissing, with Eva’s “huge ruby” engagement ring front and center. The “stunning” photo set the kiss “against the setting of a golden desert and several patterned pillows and rugs.” Longoria captioned the shot, “Ummmm so this happened…,” and added hashtags “#Engaged #Dubai #Happiness.”

Longoria and Baston have been dating for just over two years, and made their first couple appearance in November 2013 at Mexico City’s Museo Jumex Opening dinner. A source spoke to Us Weekly at the time, confirming that the Eva and Jose had been “seeing each other for a few weeks.” The source saw them as a good couple, and said Jose was “super sweet” to Eva. Not only are they noted for being a good couple, right from the beginning they were recognized as “ridiculously good-looking” and “so cute,” as well.

People magazine reported that a source described Jose as a “proper gentleman,” and said Baston was “sweeping her off her feet” during his early courtship of Eva.

“He’s super sweet to her and a complete gentleman.”

Fans and friends loved the idea of Eva and Jose as a couple, and couldn’t wait for them to be engaged. There have been several rumours over the last few months that Eva had moved from girlfriend status to fiancée status with Jose, but all the engagement rumours turned out to be false. Twitter users kept the love flowing though, telling the couple they are “just perfect,” and wishing them the best.

According to Gossip Cop, the Daily Mail reported last July that the couple might be engaged after Eva’s Instagram photo gave a glimpse of a “new ring she was wearing.” The Daily Mail suggested that the ring “could be a sign that she was engaged,” but a source confirmed to Gossip Cop that the ring was not an engagement ring, and Longoria was “not engaged or married.”

In January, photos of a diamond ring on Eva’s engagement finger started another set of rumors. Eva seems to like wearing rings where they are going to start engagement rumors. Longoria told Extra that the ring was a “Martin Katz ring that [she’s] had forever… nothing to share on that front.”

Eva Longoria, 40, has already walked down the aisle twice, and had no intention of doing it again. Her first marriage, to General Hospital star Tyler Christopher, lasted only two years from 2002 until 2004. Longoria tried again in 2007 with French NBA star Tony Parker, but the two of them split in 2011. According to the Daily Mail, Eva Longoria made a statement in 2014 that “ruled out walking down the aisle a third time.”

“Marriage and kids are not on the horizon.”

It appears the situation has changed for Eva Longoria, and Jose’s gentlemanly ways may have made the difference. Us Weekly reports that Eva was on the Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her relationship with Jose. She described herself as “very happy,” and said that Baston had “humor and intellect,” qualities that she finds very attractive in a man.

The only flaw Eva mentioned in their perfect relationship was the difficulty she had keeping up with Baston’s dress sense. “He’s a good dresser,” she said. “I always have to step it up. It’s exhausting.” Eva doesn’t seem to mind stepping it up for Jose, though. She’s seemingly happy in her choice and her friends are happy for both of them.

“Let me tell you, I’m very lucky in my life.”

[Photo by Michael Stewart/Getty Images]