Dog Found Hanged In Vacant Michigan Home, Gruesome Discovery Of Disturbing Act Of Cruelty Leads To Investigation

The Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Dog Rescue are rescuing a disturbing act of cruelty after a dog was found hanged inside a vacant Michigan home. According to CBS Detroit, the lifeless body of a dog was found in a vacant Detroit, Michigan, home. During a recent radio interview with WWJ Newsradio 950, Michigan Humane Society spokesperson Ryan McTeague shared details about the incident, which began with a mysterious call from a woman.

On Wednesday, December 9, a woman -- who requested to remain anonymous -- reportedly contacted local authorities after making the gruesome discovery. The woman explained that she became suspicious of the unnamed suspect after she witnessed him walking into the abandoned home with a dog.

After a short period of time, he emerged from the house and the dog was nowhere in sight. The woman waited a while after the suspect left the house to make sure he wouldn't return. Then, she decided to walk through the house herself to search for the dog. However, when she entered she was met with a gruesome sight, because she found the dog had been hanged.

"We were able to get out there and confirm that there was a dog that had been hanged, recently," McTeague told the radio station.

"Upon further searching throughout the house, we did find another dog that was alive, in relatively good condition, in the basement. It was running around in kind of sewage water, so we're currently caring for that Detroit dog at our Center for Animal Care."
Both the Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Dog Rescue immediately began investigating the case regarding the lifeless dog that was found. In an effort to encourage anyone who may have knowledge about the suspect, both organizations are offering $2,500 each, according to CBS-Detroit. Kristina Millman Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue, released a statement shortly after the dog's body was discovered. "This is a horrific act of animal cruelty and [we] want to support MHS's efforts to find the person responsible for this act," Rinaldi said in the statement.
Matthew Pepper, President and CEO of the Michigan Humane Society, also echoed similar sentiments about the dog's death. Both organizations are working diligently to find the person responsible for the dog found hanged because the act of cruelty is, indeed, a crime. Regardless of the type of victim, this horrific act is considered murder. "This isn't a dog, this is a victim. This is violence in the heart of our community" said Matthew Pepper, MHS President and CEO. "We must stand as a voice for this dog and other who suffer unspeakable cruelty at the hands of monsters."

Pepper also made an announcement for people who may have pets but no longer want them. He stressed that there are numerous options available for people who no longer want the responsibility of caring for a pet. He cited alternatives available to surrender animals instead of committing a heinous crime against the animal.

"If there's a situation where you no longer want your pet, or can't keep your pet, please reach out to the Michigan Humane Society; we're an organization that can help... Never resort to something like this. It's absolutely senseless, heartless and there's no reason for it."
At this point, local authorities have no leads in the case but the investigation regarding the dog found hanged will be ongoing.

[Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images]