WWE News: WWE Considering A Change To Roman Reigns’ Appearance Due To Recent Terrorist Attacks

Roman Reigns turn

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns might be WWE’s potential new golden boy, but he is not above being changed around due to outside issues that affect world views. Reigns was part of a WWE faction called The Shield that wore tactical gear you might see worn by a SWAT team or Navy Seal team more often than a pro-wrestling faction. The cool thing is, the look worked very well and fans loved it along with pretty much everything about the entire faction.

After the trio split, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins had a change in look and even entrance music. They also had far different entrances as a whole. WWE allowed Reigns to keep pretty much all the Shield paraphernalia from the music to the entrance from the crowd, as well as the gear. While Reigns added a bit to the look, it is virtually the same thing. The idea was that Reigns could keep these elements and it might help with how fans treat Reigns since they generally loved The Shield.

Now, his look and even entrance could be changing, but for a very unlikely reason.

Reigns/Lesnar WM31

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon nixed the idea of changing Reigns’ look at the time. However, talk heated up again after the attack in San Bernardino, California earlier this month. The attack resulted in 14 people being killed and another 22 being injured, which happened to be an ISIS extremism-inspired attack. There was also an attempted attack on the Inland Regional Center, as well.

Many in WWE feel that Roman Reigns is known well enough by now by WWE fans that they will not fear him coming out with his gear on, but there are those who feel that it could potentially become a problem. Meanwhile, many consider it bad for WWE’s image to have one of its top stars coming out in tactical gear, as it might eventually lead to discussions about the company that could affect business.

McMahon seems to feel that it would be a knee-jerk reaction to change Reigns’ entire look over the issue. He especially feels changing up his image in the middle of trying to make him into a top star would not be wise. The idea is that the company is taking a “wait and see” approach on the matter, but do not be surprised if something changes if another attack happens.

Rollins Reigns

Now, all three go away from this style. However, if WWE were to turn Reigns heel and have him go against everything that makes him who he is, that could allow WWE to change his look without much problem. Then, when he did turn back, the new look would already be cemented.

Either way, we cannot expect WWE to change the look of Roman Reigns any time soon.

[Image via WWE]