WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Getting A Title Shot Upon His Return In A Week

The wrestling fans of the world are awaiting the return of Brock Lesnar, and WWE’s dropping ratings can’t wait to see him back either. Well, the in-ring return of the “Beast Incarnate” isn’t far away now, and it looks as if WWE is going to jump right in with giving him another big push. It’s now rumored that Lesnar will be getting an immediate title shot as soon as he comes back in about a week.

The live events page on WWE.com has been reporting of Lesnar’s return for some time now, and it will indeed happen on Dec. 19 at The Forum in Inglewood, CA. Many thought this could end uo changing, but it has stayed in place and it looks like he will indeed be on the card.

A number of others are being advertised for the card as well, and up until it happens, things can still change. Others advertised are Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, The Dudley Boyz, and many others.

Now, the official Facebook page for The Forum updated their status a couple of days ago and may have given something away.

It is being advertised that Lesnar will be facing off with Alberto Del Rio at the WWE Live Event on Dec. 19, and it even says it will be for Del Rio’s United States Title. This is very interesting for a number of reasons and causes a bit of confusion as well.

First of all, Alberto Del Rio has a match on tomorrow night’s TLC card and it’s defending his U.S. Title against Jack Swagger in a Chairs Match. That is confirmed and it’s going to happen as it was officially announced and is listed on WWE.

Sure, it could just be an announcement by the company that goes off of a card that was given to them by WWE. Perhaps they took that info and put up what was current, but maybe won’t be by the time the live event rolls around.

On the other hand, it also may have just spoiled the results of at least one match at TLC. If this ends up being correct, then Alberto Del Rio is going to leave TLC with the U.S. Title still around his waist and Jack Swagger being left with a loss.

Now, another interesting note is that if Del Rio does still have the U.S. Title by next week and it is on the line, it would be Lesnar’s first title shot with the company that isn’t for the WWE or World Heavyweight Title.

One other thing to think about is that this will be Lesnar’s in-ring return and his first appearance for WWE since the end of October. If it does stay that he’s going up against Alberto Del Rio and it’s for the U.S. Title, it’s hard to believe that Lesnar is going to lose.

So, would he capture the United States Title at a non-televised event?

It’s possible, or it could end up being aired live on WWE Network, but that also remains to be seen. Still, The Forum may end up just advertising matches as things currently stand in WWE, and then changing them after tomorrow night’s Pay-Per-View.

There’s that theory and the fact that The Forum advertised the event with a picture of a Roman Reigns’ cardboard cutout in the snack bar.

Brock Lesnar’s return is coming, and that much is confirmed. It also appears as if he will be facing off with Alberto Del Rio upon his in-ring comeback, but will it include a United States title shot? Also, does that mean Jack Swagger is definitely losing at TLC? A lot more will be known soon, but you can be certain that Brock Lesnar doesn’t care who he is facing.

[Image via WWE]