Steve Carell Helps Out At Pizzeria? Star Says No

Steve Carell put to rest reports that he hopped behind the counter of his favorite pizza shop to help out the frantic owner during a moment of chaos.

As much as we wish the “Office” star had jumped in to help the understaffed shop owner manage tasks and take orders, the 49-year-old actor told Fox411 that he did not do so. LAist reports that Fox asked, “I read that you popped behind the counter of your favorite pizza place and helped out. Is that true?”

Carell responded by saying:

“No. I think it may have come about because I own a general store in Massachusetts. When I’m in town I jump behind the counter and ring people up and sell penny candy and serve coffee.”

The rumors first began with a report from the National Enquirer, according to Showbizspy, who notes that the magazine claimed, “”The star jumped behind the counter, donned an apron and began answering the phone, taking orders from hungry patrons.”

Steve Carell reportedly stayed to help the understaffed pizzeria out for 45 minutes, before the rush was over. The owner was supposedly so thankful for the “40 Year Old Virgin” star’s help that he said, “Take the pizza. It costs me less than having to pay you!”

Showbizspy reports that Carell stated recently:

“Listen, I’m everyman. I take the garbage out. Roll bins to the curb. Separate recyclables. No personal assistant. It’s what I know to do, and I do it. I go to the supermarket. We were out of nonfat vanilla Coffee-mate, so I ran in, and people say hello to me. Some guy pushing a cart nods to me and says, ‘Nice.'”

Despite his claims as an “everyman,” however, it appears that Steve Carrell has not recently asked if you’d like extra cheese on that pizza.