‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers Tease What’s Next For Meredith And Owen

Grey’s Anatomy fans have to wait two months for the return of the series to ABC, but there are new spoilers out for the series this week, and they tease what will happen to two of the main characters on the series – Meredith and Owen.

Meredith has not had an easy time on the series. Since the death of Derek on the show, she has had a number of issues pop up. Everyone around her is lighter, and the show has a lighter feel to it, but Meredith has shut down some. She had her one great love, and she seems to be in the mindset that she will never allow herself to find love again.

Ellen Pompeo is excited about the direction Meredith has taken for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, and she even said that the mid-season premiere is her best work, according to a previously released Inquisitr report.

Now, Shonda Rhimes is teasing the mid-season premiere, who had Denzel Washington working behind the camera as director. She shared her comments with Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s been really fun getting to explore Meredith and where she’s going and who she’s becoming. That evolution continues. We’ve been having a blast. The first episode that comes back is extraordinary and very, very powerful, and directed by Denzel Washington. It certainly puts us on a path for the beginning of the second half of the season.”

Another character who has not had it easy on the series lately is Owen. Things were on a good path for Owen until Martin Henderson’s character arrived at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. After he arrived, things definitely took a disastrous turn, and Meredith went into help Owen mode. She promised Cristina that she would not allow Owen to go dark and twisty before she left.

TV Line shared new Grey’s Anatomy spoilers for the series on Tuesday, and those spoilers focused in on the Owen situation.

“When Rhimes cast the New Zealand native, she didn’t want him to ‘dampen down’ his accent too much, Henderson told me when we spoke last month, adding, ‘She wanted the character to have an international feel.’ Last I checked, Owen was born and raised in Seattle, not New Zealand. The bigger mystery, as I see it, is whether his MIA sister is dead or alive.”

There is no way to know what the complete story is until Owen opens up and the full story is revealed. Fans do know that Owen’s mother welcomed the new arrival with open arms. There is no hate there, but she knows there are big issues between her son and the other man. Meredith likely knows what those issues are, but fans only know that it has to do with Owen’s sister. Did Riggs marry Owen’s sister and she died? That might be the case, but the truth should come out in February.

There are a lot of big questions that need answers. Fans want to know about Jo and Alex, April and Jackson, and Maggie’s fling.

Jessica Capshaw’s pregnancy also has fans buzzing. She has likely been pregnant for a few months now, so the pregnancy is not likely to be written into the series. The series has managed to hide her previous pregnancies.

For now, fans will have to wait until February for all of the answers. That does seem to be a long wait, but with both Shonda Rhimes and Ellen Pompeo teasing the mid-season premiere in a big way – it sounds like the episode is worth the wait.

Are you excited for the return of Grey’s Anatomy on February 11?

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