Bath Salts User Tries to Bite Police Officer’s Face in New York

Another bizarre attack by a bath salts user occurred during the past weekend. A New York woman was arrested while high on the synthetic bath salts drug and allegedly attempted to bite a police officer’s face, according to Associated Press excerpts republished on Fox News. Law enforcement officers were called to a Utica bar on Saturday in reference to a call about an “emotionally disturbed woman.” As a police officer approached the woman, she allegedly “lunged at him” and tried to bite his face.

The woman was eventually taken to an area hospital for mental evaluation. Local police officers told the Associated Press that the bath salts suspect stated she wanted to “kill someone and eat them.” The incident at the Utica bar was only the first bath salts related drug bust of the evening. New York police officers were also called to the home of Aubrey Vails after he had ripped a door off its hinges, punched a car and threatened to kill his mother. The 20-year-old man was charged with criminal mischief.

Bath salts users have made recent multiple headlines after those high on the synthetic drug have bitten or attempted to bite other people. Last week a 26-yar-old Florida man was arrested after running naked and biting a “chunk of flesh” from another man’s arm while police officers repeatedly attempted to subdue him with a stun gun, Fox News reports. The human-biting attacks have led to bath salts users being referred to as zombies. Although bath salts are illegally available throughout the United States, Florida has experienced recent “spate of bizarre behavior” by an influx of the synthetic drug into the state.

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