'Star Shower' Christmas Laser Lights Sell Out, But Blind Pilots -- $11,000 FAA Fine Waived Twice [Videos]

The commercial video ad titled "Star Shower Commercial - As Seen On TV" displays why the Star Shower lights are such a hit for consumers and are selling out across the nation.

On Google Shopping, the Star Shower lights show availability in some Target stores, which are listed as still being in stock despite the popularity of the Star Shower Christmas lights for buyers scooping them up in droves.

According to Today, the very popular Star Shower lights might look cool, but the FAA has sent out a warning that the Star Shower lights could interfere with pilots because of the laser lights the Star Shower lights can project.

"Live near an airport? Your laser holiday lights could be dangerous.

"Holiday laser lights are an easy way to cover your house with hassle-free holiday sparkle, but one that may carry a hidden danger. Now, the FAA is warning homeowners that laser light displays, if not used correctly, are bright enough to temporarily blind a pilot."

The selling point of the Star Shower laser lights -- which aren't just marketed for Christmas, but any time users want to brighten up their houses for any occasion -- is that Star Shower lights don't necessitate that consumers hang lights. As seen in the above commercial, Star Shower laser lights involve placing single stakes around a yard and projecting lasers onto houses, bushes, etc.

The Star Shower laser lights are certainly appealing to those who don't feel like climbing ladders, dealing with broken Christmas light bulbs, and untangling said lights. The Star Shower plug-in laser light projectors offer to save consumers both time and money because they offer energy saving costs as well. However, a big downside to using the Star Shower lights reportedly came on the evening of Wednesday, November 18, when Star Shower lights beamed into a C130 coast guard plane's cockpit over the skies of Sacramento.

The Star Shower light plane incident prompted those pilots to report the event to authorities, reports NBC Southern California‎.

Despite some online availability showing the Star Shower lights in stock in certain stores like Target, the Star Shower laser lights are selling out, reports CBS Local‎. However, upon arriving at the store, their journalist was directed to a different display when seeking out the Star Shower lights listed as being in stock. That's when other Target consumers were discovered to be on the hunt for the Star Shower lights as well.

Therefore, those blessed consumers who are able to track down Star Shower laser lights in stock for Christmas are being warned to familiarize themselves with the flight patterns of the plane near their homes, reports the Consumerist‎.

The Star Shower lights are a unique idea that have apparently struck a chord with buyers but have inadvertently caused some of them to interfere with pilots. As seen in the above Today video, one pilot can be heard advising another pilot not to look directly at a green laser light that has been directed into the cockpit of a plane in order to avoid blindness. While some laser light incidents are intentional, the Star Shower Christmas light displays are likely not purchased by most consumers in order to blind pilots.

The Christmas Star Shower laser lights also affected another pilot, reports NOLA. That event occurred in Texas when a laser light Christmas display from a house hit an American Airlines pilot. Similar to the Sacramento laser light Christmas display incident, the homeowners escaped the $11,000 fine the FAA normally charges in incidents that blind pilots. Instead, the laser light users had to adjust their home lighting.

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