Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star Smeared By ‘Love Rat’ Claims?

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame is frequent gossip fodder. As a member of the world’s biggest boy-band, Louis seems to be fair game for any gossip column hack who is having a slow day, and at the moment, Tomlinson is big news. Throughout the course of this week, numerous stories have run about Tomlinson, who as any One Direction fans is well aware, is reportedly to become a father early in the new year. Tomlinson’s impending fatherhood comes as a result of the briefest of relationships with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth whilst One Direction were on break in their touring schedule.

This week’s stories about Tomlinson have come in three main guises. Firstly, as the Mirror and many other outlets have claimed, Louis is reportedly dating actress Danielle Campbell, who starred in The Originals. The Mirror and many others have claimed that Louis and Danielle were “all over each other” when they went to have a milkshake together. The story is accompanied by a picture of Louis and Danielle sitting next to each other in a booth, presumably ordering a milkshake. It seems Louis and Danielle have hung out together twice in the past few weeks, so clearly it is time to buy a wedding hat.

The big Tomlinson story is of course his supposed forthcoming fatherhood. The story broke in July that Louis had gotten Briana Jungwirth pregnant after meeting her in a nightclub. Louis confirmed in early August that he was to become a father during a rather uncomfortable interview on Good Morning America.

Louis’ comment that he “is buzzing” are the only words he has spoken about fatherhood to date. More bizarrely, Louis has never spoken about Briana or said the word baby. Since a few paparazzi shots of Louis with Briana emerged back in May, the pair have not been seen together. Louis’ silence on the matter of baby Tomlinson has people baffled. It has been well documented, including here on Inquisitr, that Louis has banned interviewers from asking questions about baby Tomlinson.

Louis is discovering his silence about baby Tomlinson creates a vacuum that people try to fill with rumor and speculation. During this week, two alternative story threads have emerged. On Monday Louis was approached by a fan whilst traversing Los Angeles LAX airport. Louis was approached by a fan who congratulated him on fatherhood. Gossip magazine X-17 then claimed an “exclusive” suggesting that Louis “smiled” when baby Tomlinson was mentioned. Oddly, the video and accompanying pictures showed the look of a man entering a dentist’s surgery for root canal treatment rather than someone full of the joys of impending fatherhood.

In a dramatic turn of events, several outlets are today suggesting that Tomlinson is a “love rat” who has dumped his pregnant girlfriend just before she is due to give birth. The claims that Louis has dumped Briana seem to be rooted in an exclusive by Life and Style. The gossip magazine claims that “a source” has told them that Louis has “dumped” Briana just weeks before baby Tomlinson is due. The San Jose Mercury even claims that Briana was expecting Louis to propose marriage before baby Tomlinson arrives.

The claims that Louis has “dumped” Briana may come as something as a surprise to Tomlinson fans for a number of reasons. It is only a couple of weeks since the Mirror reported that Tomlinson declared very clearly on national television that he is single. It seems unlikely that Tomlinson went from single to the brink of proposing marriage in a fortnight.

Here is the real killer though. Most of Tomlinson’s fans will point to the fact that Louis cannot possibly have dumped someone that he has not been dating. Tomlinson and his One Direction band-mates are frequent paparazzi fodder. Everywhere Louis goes, it seems there is a photographer ready to snap his picture. Tomlinson has never spoken a single word about Briana Jungwirth. Whilst members of Louis’ family have been snapped in her company, Tomlinson has not.

The simple fact of this matter is that there is not a single shred of evidence that Louis Tomlinson has ever dated Briana Jungwirth. If Briana Jungwirth is pregnant and the baby is Louis’, then clearly they have done more than shake hands, but there is zero evidence that Louis and Briana were in a relationship.

It may come as a surprise to some, but not even Louis Tomlinson can “dump” someone he is not in a relationship with. To claim that Tomlinson is cheating on Jungwirth or that he “dumped” her weeks before baby Tomlinson is due is both unfair and disingenuous.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]