WWE News: Daniel Bryan Discusses WWE Career Ending

In WWE news, Daniel Bryan openly discusses the end of his career in World Wrestling Entertainment, according to The New Paper.

Daniel Bryan might not be wrestling matches on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown anymore, but he definitely is still on the payroll and working for WWE. He is using his massive popularity to do marketing for the promotion. Bryan was sent overseas this week to do some promotional work in Singapore. During one of his media appearances, Daniel was asked about his injury and the possibility that World Wrestling Entertainment might never clear him to wrestle again. His answer was rather straightforward.

“I think it could be the end of my career in WWE, but I don’t think it will be the end of my career. I could find another passion, but it would be sad because this is what I have been most passionate about since I was five.”

This is not the first time that Daniel Bryan has spoken about his career with the media. The former WWE Heavyweight Champion has publicly stated a couple of times that he was frustrated because management refuses to medically clear him for an in ring return. He frequently reiterates his desire to back in the ring.

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan [Photo by WWE]

Tone is the biggest difference between the latest interview and the previous ones. Daniel Bryan is now acknowledging that his career in WWE could be coming to an end. In the previous sessions with the media, the Aberdeen, Washington native has left the door open for a possible return as an active in ring performer for World Wrestling Entertainment. Bryan’s words indicate that he wants a final response from management about their intentions. If WWE is not going to let him wrestle, then he will seek the opportunity to pursue his passion elsewhere.

When Daniel Bryan was the centerpiece of WWE, very few could fathom the thought of him wrestling for anyone else. Many fail to remember that World Wrestling Entertainment is a business. With the company being swarmed by a litany of lawsuits from past performers who are looking to cash injuries that they suffered while working for Vince McMahon, management knew that they could not take any risks that could be used against them in a court of law. If Bryan were to wrestle again and have a tragic moment in the ring, then judges might be convinced that WWE does not provide a safe working environment.

Alberto Del Rio [Photo by WWE]

TNA would more than likely be one of the first calls if Daniel Bryan were to request his release from WWE and have it be granted. The promotion has been looking to make a big splash. Despite rumors about financial hardships, Dixie Carter did attempt to sign Alberto Del Rio to a big contract before he decided to return to World Wrestling Entertainment. There has to be more money in TNA than fans think if they’re willing to try that. The money could be spent on someone like Bryan, who could easily draw big money by working a match against Kurt Angle before he retires.

Since Daniel Bryan worked for them in the past, Ring of Honor should not be ruled out. A lot of times, performers like to go back to their roots once they have a good amount of money in the bank from all those WWE paychecks. ROH doesn’t appear willing to spend a ton of money on talent but Bryan would be the exception to the rule. The company knows just how much of a buzz they would create if he were to come back to where it all started.

Do you think Daniel Bryan will be wrestling in another company in 2016?

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