Celebrate Winter Veil In ‘Hearthstone’ With Holiday Game Boards, Free Packs With Purchase

Winter Veil merriment extends to Hearthstone this month with new game boards, a jolly greeting option, and a special pack promotion. Heroes of Azeroth will soon be warming up to the return of the Feast of Winter Veil, and that means players in the Hearthstone tavern will be, too. After all, Greatfather Winter only comes once a year, giving revelers the opportunity to play Hearthstone in a rather festive way.

Game boards in Hearthstone are now covered in snow for the celebration of Winter Veil. Players will see decorated trees, festive lighting, wreaths, and a ruby-nosed gryphon on one game board. On another, the zeppelin now includes a bow and bells. Stockings line the Horde gates, and presents sit atop a spiked tower on another board, for example. All of the game’s boards are dressed up for Winter Veil, too.

Hearthstone players will also hear a few different greetings due to the Winter Veil season. All heroes in the game now have a jolly greeting acknowledging the event, with a new emote, according to the official site. The Winter Veil news caps off with a promise of more festivities, too. A special promotion is also ongoing during the event. Players that purchase a bundle of 40 Classic Hearthstone packs will receive 10 extra packs for free. Remember, disenchanting cards gives players a chance to craft specific cards, so even duplicates can be put to good use in Hearthstone.

Both the Winter Veil changes within the game and the promotion on the card pack bundle will last for a limited time. The celebration is going on now and will last until January 6. Players that want to see the holiday game boards, hear the new hero greetings, or take advantage of the bundle promotion will need to log in soon to experience Winter Veil in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone updates fairly regularly with new cards, adventure sets, expansions, and more. As the Inquisitr reported, over 130 new cards were added in August with The Grand Tournament expansion content. New gameplay, the Inspire mechanic, and jousting were introduced with that expansion pack. Just last month, the card game grew even larger with The League of Explorers Adventure set. The latest Adventure set is still being revealed each week, with the Hall of Explorers to open December 10 in the Americas and December 11 in Europe and Asia.

For those unaware or new to Hearthstone, expansion packs add large numbers of cards to the game for players to use against each other. When an expansion pack releases, players get new cards from the pack by spending either real money or gold to buy the expansion’s card packs. They can also craft cards within the game as well to complete their deck. An Adventure set, on the other hand, is a solo driven experience. This content will not add as many cards to Hearthstone — however, Adventure sets often center on battling the computer-controlled opponents. Defeating major characters or bosses within an Adventure is usually the way to obtain the Adventure set’s new cards.

The solo Adventures in Hearthstone are unlocked each week by wing. The first wing of each Adventure set is often free, with each accompanying wing requiring a gold purchase or a purchase with real money to unlock. Not to mention, players will need to defeat the bosses in each wing before moving on to subsequent wings. Currently, Hearthstone boasts two expansion packs, including The Grand Tournament and Goblins vs Gnomes, as seen on Battle.net. The card game is home to three Adventure sets, too, including The League of Explorers, Blackrock Mountain, and the Curse of Naxxramas.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]