Chocolate Slices Invade Japan, The Sandwich Game Has Changed

Japan has just invented the next best thing since sliced bread, and it can be placed on sliced bread as a tasty snack. Sliced chocolate can now be purchased in Japan, leaving everyone wondering why it hasn’t been invented earlier.

Slices of American cheese have been a snacking mainstay in the world of sandwiches. However, sliced chocolate may soon rank right up there with the popular snack. Created by Bourbon, according to the iDigital Times, Sliced chocolate is the newest sandwich topping in the world of snacking.

The thin slices of chocolate are malleable, so placing them on your favorite slice of bread is only the beginning. They can be rolled up in tortillas, cut into shapes for cakes, or any other use your imagination conjures. They are also delicious all on their own, and easily shared with a friend. Each individually wrapped chocolate slice is perfect to snack on the go.

The best part is that the slices are less messy than melting a bar of chocolate or globbing chocolate spread onto a couple slices of bread.

Although created in Japan, they can be purchased and shipped worldwide. Metro shared that the chocolate slices can be purchased in quantities of 60 slices on the Bourbon website. They will set you back about $26, not including shipping.

Novelty foods and candies are quite prevalent in Japan and have made their way into the American landscape over time. Although chocolate slices seems like an obvious choice for a novelty snack, its simplicity has grasped the attention of many that follow the world of strange Japanese treats.

The taste of chocolate slices is described as being between a fudge and milk chocolate.

“… not as sweet as fudge but richer than regular milk chocolate…”

The Bourbon website shares creative ways to use the chocolate slices. Examples of the creations include a simple bread and chocolate slice sandwich, a chocolate slice melted atop a stack of pancakes, chocolate slices folded in crepes, or sliced and folded into roses.

In the past, one had to hand dip strawberries, bananas, and other fruits into a vat of scalding melted chocolate, creating a horrific mess that was sticky and hard to clean. With the chocolate slices, one can simply wrap the fruit and slice away the extra, leaving the excess to use as a garnish for the plate.

The chocolate slices started going viral on the internet this week, as images were posted on Twitter by Mitsuhiro Saito. Saito encouraged followers to immerse themselves in the experience.

“I bought a slice of chocolate like cheese. Get involved.”

It has not been stated whether a grilled cheese and chocolate slice sandwich is a good idea. However, there are bound to be some unique chocolate slice recipes showing up online over the course of the next few months.

Although it has not been stated that chocolate slices will be distributed widespread within the United States or other countries outside of Japan, it is a pretty good bet that large companies such as Hershey have their eye on the creation and may someday jump on the chocolate slice bandwagon.

The cost of chocolate slices is rather high, in comparison to spreadable chocolate that is out on the market now. However, the less messy nature of the chocolate slices may be its biggest selling point. As a parent, sometimes less clean up easily trumps cost, especially when dealing with small children.

Now that chocolate slices have been invented, imagine other common items that can be turned into slices, such as peanut butter and jelly. Can you imagine a peanut butter, jelly, Fruit Roll Up, and Chocolate slice sandwich?

Your turn, Nutella. We’re waiting.

[Photo via Aleksandar Grozdanvoski/Shutterstock]