Mother Gets ‘Fed Up’, Throws Both Of Her Children Out Of 15th Floor Window

A Russian woman has been arrested after being accused of throwing her 4 year-old and 7 year-old boys out of their 15th story apartment building after claiming to be “fed up” with them and then deciding “to get rid of them.”

27 year-old Galina Ryabkova of Moscow, Russia was immediately arrested after police arrived at her Dolgoprudny apartment to a horrific scene where the mother’s two young boys were seen laying lifelessly on the sidewalk in front of the building.

“I was standing near the window and heard a loud smack,” neighbor Tatiana Gumanyova told Life News, adding “I did not pay attention, thought that the child just stumbled and fell. But then I heard one more smack.”

“My wife woke me up and said that there were children falling out. We ran out and saw two children lying on the ground in front of the main door. Just at that time their mother was leaving the building. We asked her if these were her children and she replied, emotionless, ‘Yes, I threw them away,’” continues the neighbor.

Neighbors say that there are many theories as to why Ryabkova did what she did. Some say that her actions were the result of financial issues within the home, while others say that it was the wife’s attempts at getting revenge on her husband for extramarital affairs while on business trips.

“She did complain to neighbors that she and her husband were incompatible, said something about a difficult financial situation. But we saw nothing suspicious,” said others living in the building.

Galina Ryabkova has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital where she will remain until the investigation is completed.

What do you think of this mothers horrific murder of her two young sons?