Revealed: The World’s Most Advanced Sailing Boat Hits The Seas On Maiden Voyage

The first exclusive aerial snapshots of the world’s most advanced sailing boat, The Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing AC45 T2, have been released recently. Dubbed as the “fighter jet on water,” the incredible sail-boat is set to hit the waves in the much-anticipated America’s Cup Finals, scheduled in 2017 in Bermuda.

The nearly 50-foot vessel is capable of exceeding 50mph speeds, and it is poised to guide the British sailing star Sir Ben Ainslie and his team to victory at the prized tournament. Sir Ben has been crowned an Olympic champion four times, America’s Cup champion 11 times, World champion 11 times, and European champion nine times.

The vessel owes the engineering brilliance of its “innovative wing sail designs and hydrofoils” to the technological prowess of the aerospace industry. It has been modelled on the same mechanisms that enable aircraft to ascend into their air, hence the title “fighter jet on water.” The vessel is equipped with mighty “jet-like” sails that will allow it to glide above the surface of the water with unprecedented velocity.

The sailing champion Sir Ben has hailed the vessel is an extraordinary feat.

“Everyone on the design, engineering and shore teams, have put everything they have got into this boat. Power is nothing without control, and there has been no compromise in the pursuit of both. All of the sailing team are grateful and privileged to get the opportunity to test fly this unique craft.”

The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy. The prestige associated with the America’s Cup is a passionate lure, not only for world’s top sailors and yacht designers, but also for some of the most well-heeled entrepreneurs and patrons. The event had been dominated by the Americans for over a century while other contenders attempted but failed to win it back. However, in 1983, Australia finally claimed the “Auld Mug,” as it is referred to.

According to Andy Claughton, Land Rover BAR chief technology officer, the vessel is the most technologically superior sailing boat ever.

“It’s the vital next step on our path to developing the boat that will challenge for the America’s Cup, containing some of the most innovative and powerful technology ever used in this competition.”

New York City is poised to host the America’s Cup World Series in 2016 for the first time in decades. The event is one of six World Series events scheduled in May 2016, each showcasing the six competing America’s Cup teams. The “Event Village” for the New York event will be in the Brookfield Place Waterfront Plaza, while the racing will be on the lower Hudson River off the Battery Park City Esplanade.

The most venerated Olympic sailor of all time, Sir Ben Ainslie hopes to bring the trophy home.

“It’s the only major sporting event that we have never won. It is about being the best of British, to right that wrong and bring the cup home. If I didn’t think it was possible, trust me, I would not be doing it.”

The Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing AC45 T2 has been designed to lift the weight of a full-sized London taxi weighing over three tons including six occupants. Armed with sophisticated monitoring systems for controlling the wing sail, its hydraulics are believed to have embraced technology trends from Formula One and other auto-sports with the objective to save weight and increase proficiency. Reaching speeds in excess of 50mph, equivalent of three times the speed of wind, the “fighter jet on water” can cruise on foils measuring over 2.5 meters, in an exhilarating display of speed and proficiency.

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