October 17, 2016
Victoria's Secret Workout: How To Get The 'Angel' Body

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show premieres tonight on CBS. There's no doubt that the women watching will also be wondering how those Angels stay in shape. Well, now you're in luck because some of the top fitness experts and nutritionists who work with the Victoria's Secret models are sharing some of their tips.

Gina Papalia and Angilique Campbell of Grasshopper Pilates are behind some of the Victoria's Secret Angels' hottest bodies. They shared some of the workouts that the models do to get toned arms, flat abs, and a popping behind. Bookmark the videos located at the Glamour article for your next workout.

There's another place that's responsible for the Victoria's Secret Angels' bodies and that's ModelFit, according to the Business Insider. ModelFit was founded by Justin Gelband and holistic nutritionist Vanessa Packer. Shanina Shaik and Jacquelyn Jablonski told the Coveteur that they work out with Gelband at ModelFit. Karlie Kloss has also shared photos of herself on Instagram working out at the exclusive boutique.

For $40 a class, you can get fit like a Victoria's Secret Angel. But Gelband told The Cut last year that you shouldn't compare yourself to a model.

"It's not about that. Don't ask to look like a celebrity. Look like you. If you need someone as inspiration, fine. But just be the best you can be, don't worry about everyone else."
When it comes to working out, Packer strongly advises that you should switch up your workouts. And don't do cardio every day. Your body doesn't even need it every day, no matter what other fitness trainers tell you.
"Leading up to the show in particular, [the models] will do a mix — either they'll start their week off with more cardio and then get into more of toning...then stretching.

"Cardio isn't an everyday thing. We don't promote the same thing every day. It's really doing different stuff, you know, doing cardio one day, then doing yoga or stretching the next.

"It's never good do to the same thing every day, you really do want to switch it up because that's how your body changes. It needs to be challenged. [That] doesn't mean challenged like, just being pushed to your brink, it means switching up your workout and challenging different muscle groups."

Packer also strongly advises against juicing, but recommends eating breakfast in the morning. She tells the Victoria's Secret models to eat a bowl of oatmeal each day for breakfast. Some foods you should skip include sugar and fast food. When it comes to carbs, it depends on whether you can digest them or not.

Gigi Hadid was just one of the newest Victoria's Secret Angels who underwent some serious training for her runway debut. She trained with Mary Helen Bowers at the Ballet Beautiful studio, according to Page Six. Aside from Hadid, Bowers' A-list clientele also includes fellow Angels Lily Aldridge and Bridget Malcom.

Lily Aldridge
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

These rigorous sessions include a mix of lunges, cardio, and toning exercises that last 60 minutes long, well ahead of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Some models may even do two 60 minute sessions per day, according to Bowers.

Lily Aldridge recently told Hollywood Take that she eases back on the exercising around the holidays. If she does workout, then she'll either do stretching or yoga. But she is still a huge fan of Bowers' Ballet Beautiful workout the other days of the year. The workout helped transform Aldridge's body after giving birth to her daughter, Dixie.

"It's just a great workout. It's really good for your body, especially with lengthening and toning."
But even VS veteran Adriana Lima agrees that you should ease back on the workouts around the holidays. But after the holidays, the Victoria's Secret Angels are back to the gym or the ring. Lima told Hollywood Take that she loves boxing. Meanwhile, Alessandra Ambrosio, mother of two, says she takes yoga and bar classes after the holidays end.

Adriana Lima
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret)

Now you know how to work hard like a Victoria's Secret Angel, even well after the holidays. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs tonight on CBS at 10 p.m. EST.

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