Naked Florida Man Clocked At 110 MPH In Cadillac With 12-Pack Of Corona And 3 Ladies By His Side

Members of the law enforcement community face inherent dangers on a daily basis that can often involve unruly weapon-wielding criminals, volatile domestic violence disputes, and many other dangerous scenarios. But a Florida Highway Patrol officer was faced with an entirely unique situation on Saturday afternoon when he pulled a man over for speeding who also happened to be drunk and naked.

The naked Florida man was clocked doing about 110 mph, which is pretty fast even for a non-nude drunk dude, but naked Florida man had the pedal to the metal and was reportedly driving erratically when the Florida Highway Patrolman sought to get the situation under control, reports Fox 13.

The naked driver of the reported speeding Cadillac, a 33-year-old Florida man named Noe DeJesus, was ripping along through the Saturday afternoon Florida sun toward Naples, on a stretch of highway known as Alligator Alley.

The Florida road is well-known to Florida Highway Patrol as a place where folks often speed, but DeJesus stepped up the common crime of speeding with his being naked and drunk.

Now the Highway Patrolman didn't know DeJesus was going full monty behind the Cadillac's wheel when he first pulled him over, though he did notice that the Florida man wasn't wearing a shirt and had a 12-pack of Corona beer next to him on the console.

Corona Extra especial, Florida
Noe DeJesus reportedly had a much consumed 12-pack of Corona beer by his side when he was pulled over after being clocked at 110 mph while driving naked as a jay bird through the Florida afternoon.

But when he asked DeJesus to please step out of the vehicle, the officer quickly got a birthday-suit surprise when the Florida man emerged from the Caddy with no pants on, just buck naked.

And that was just the beginning of DeJesus's naked Florida joyride going down in flames, as it soon became clear that DeJesus wasn't just bringing home an unopened 12-pack.

The Naples News reports that the Highway Patrolman soon detected a smell that is bad news for anyone getting out from behind the wheel, naked or not. Yep, the smell of alcohol, apparently the result of not just the several open, some finished some not, Coronas, but also a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey that reportedly had but a wee bit left.

So, naked out on the Florida highway, reeking of alcohol, and having just been pulled over for going 110 mph, DeJesus then began trying to put his pants on. This did not go well and the naked Florida man almost fell to the pavement.

Slurred speech and bloodshot eyes also reportedly pointed to the naked Dejesus being under the influence. But when asked to undergo some field sobriety tests, the suspected drunk, naked, Floridian refused and was cuffed and stuffed.

walk the line balance drunk test
Noe DeJesus opted not to participate in a field sobriety test, like the one being conducted above, though he was reportedly extremely wobbly while trying to put on his pants which may have given police enough to go on.

And if things weren't already bad enough, authorities soon found out that Dejesus was driving without a license, so even if he wasn't drunk, naked, and going 110 mph, he was already breaking a pretty strict law.

Meanwhile, sitting inside the Cadillac were three women watching their drunken naked driver get taken into the Florida patrol vehicle.

Whether or not the women were naked too was not mentioned by police in their report.

Police did note that one of the women said she was in fear for her life while riding with the drunken DeJesus, but didn't call police because the naked Florida man "is not easy to work with."

Easy to work with or not, for DeJesus speeding down the Florida highway drunk and naked got him a charge of DUI, along with the getting tagged for driving without a license, and he was soon checked into the Collier County Jail with bail set at $6,000.

On a sadder note, the officer that drove DeJesus to jail reported that the formerly naked Florida man was banging his head on the car's security partition and crying, explaining to the officer that he was sorry for his naked drunken driving escapade and that he knew better.

In the end though, DeJesus reportedly fell asleep and started snoring, bringing the saga of the naked Florida man to a conclusion.

The New York Daily News reports that this isn't the first time DeJesus has had run-ins with the law his being a naked Florida man driving under the influence joining other crimes such as gun charges, disorderly conduct and grand theft auto.

[Images by Scott Olson and Joe Raedle/Getty Images, and courtesy Collier County Sheriff's Office]