Paige Yore Denies Lying In Viral Video About Walmart Cashier

Paige Yore has hit back at Walmart after representatives for the store publicized claims that the woman lied in a now-viral video detailing her encounter with one of their cashiers. Business Insider reports that the Colorado woman stands by her story, but who do you believe?

The woman reportedly defended herself after posting a video that Walmart claims contains false information about their employees and an incident that may have never even taken place. The viral clip features Yore talking about her experience between a male cashier and an angry female customer whose card was declined at checkout. She claimed in her video that the customer made the male cashier cry, who was already emotionally vulnerable because his mother had supposedly committed suicide that very morning.

Walmart released statements yesterday declaring that Paige Yore was not being honest about the incident, declaring that the male cashier she was referring to did not say his mother committed suicide. The cashier, after being questioned by Walmart, says that his mother is still alive. Furthermore, surveillance footage does not show an altercation, nor does it show Paige Yore hugging the male cashier like she claimed in her viral video. Walmart alleges that Paige fabricated the entire story. The Colorado woman argues that she wasn’t trying to get famous or have a viral video. She insists that she is telling the truth.

“What I am doing is not about the fame. It’s not about the money. It’s not about being on ABC. It’s about touching people’s lives in a world where we all forget what the meaning of Christmas is.”

KOLO 8 News reports that Walmart obtained surveillance footage of Paige Yore checking out, and the only issue at the time was a language barrier between the cashier and another person in line. However, the issue was only brief, having been cleared up by the clerk. KKTV News immediately reached out to the woman in the viral video and asked her if she told the truth. She only said “yes” before quickly hanging up on them.

Social media is having a heyday with the latest allegations that the woman made up her touching story. The so-called viral hoax has inspired the hashtag #AttentionYore, a play on words as well as a jab at the woman accused of making up a story about a Walmart cashier to remind people about “the meaning of Christmas.” While many comments on Twitter are simply making fun of the woman, others are expressing outrage over the allegation that she lied to manipulate people on the internet.

@PaigeYore Regarding the video. Your heart is in the right place but your method is flawed. Many can’t see beyond the method. — Rosey S. (@RosyShuy) December 8, 2015

“@PaigeYore another crazy loon… — Josh Gold (@JoshGoldGolf) December 8, 2015

Do you think Paige Yore made up a lie to make an interesting video for social media? While she claims she didn’t post the video for fame or notoriety, she did say she wanted to remind folks about the true spirit of the holiday season. If she concocted a lie to do that, wouldn’t it eliminate the message she was trying to send?

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