Atheists Argue Bible Calls For Killing Of Non-Believers, Mirrors Practices Of Qur’an, Sparks Controversy

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist, non-profit organization, is fighting to have bibles removed from hotel rooms across the United States, arguing that the bible calls for the killing of non-believers. According to the Blaze, atheist members of the FFRF insist the bible is a discourteous editorial that offends non-Christians and should not be present in hotel rooms reserved by people from all walks of life.

Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, produced a collective correspondence that was sent to a chain of hotels as a press release earlier this month. The atheist organization is reportedly fighting against Gideons International, the group responsible for the production of the bibles found inside hotel rooms.

The publication reports that the list of hotels include Hilton Worldwide, Wyndham Worldwide, Intercontinental Hotel Groups (Holiday Inn), Choice Hotels International (Quality Inn), G6 Hospitality (Motel 6), Marriott International, Best Western, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group (Radisson, Carlson, Country Inn) and Starwood Hotels and Resorts (Sheraton) — that currently house bibles in each hotel room. It has been reported that there are 15 companies that own and operate the 33,000 lodging facilities that are a part of the hotel chains addressed in the letter.

The FFRF correspondence included the request for “bible-free” hotel rooms and controversial arguments on behalf of the atheist group, citing why they feel bibles are inappropriate for hotel rooms. Barker and Gaylor believe those who desire to read the bible should bring their own copies, and hotels should not be providing them. Since many people visit hotels for leisure purposes, the atheist leaders feel no one should be reminded of “mindless evangelizing” while attempting to relax and escape from the obligations and responsibilities of everyday life.

“Those who must read the bible every day will surely take precautions to travel with their own copies… The rest of us deserve a break from mindless evangelizing when we are on vacation.”

The FFRF also argued a different perspective of the bible citing similar, radicalized practices often associated with the Qur’an. Both Bark and Gaylor, atheist leaders who are also married to each other, cited that the bible advocates violence by calling for the killing of non-believers.

However, killing practices arguably mentioned in the bible extend beyond just non-believers. Atheists insinuate belief in biblical practices also calls for the killing of apostates, homosexuals, unruly children, and women who “transgress biblical double standards.”

“The Bible calls for killing non-believers, apostates, gays, ‘stubborn sons’ and women who transgress biblical double standards.”

The atheist leaders of the FFRF also cited the fact that the Travelodge hotel chain has removed bibles from its hotel rooms in the United Kingdom in an effort to avoid offending non-Christians. However, bibles are housed behind the each hotel’s front desk and are available upon request of guests, which is exactly what FFRF atheist leaders are hoping will occur in the United States.

Needless to say, the arguable claims have sparked heightened controversy on social media. Many Christians are offended about the atheists’ allegations and disturbing comparisons between the bible and Qur’an. The irony in this controversial topic has sparked a heated debate due to the all the talk about radicalized Muslim-Americans.

Since atheists argue that the bible advocates violence just as the Qur’an does, many people now question the existence of radicalized Christians. There have been a number of cases where murders of homosexuals have been labeled “hate crimes” with no association to any form of biblical practice, but could it be true? Christians on social media find the insinuation quite appalling.

Do you agree or disagree with FFRF atheists? Should bibles be removed from hotel rooms? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]