Tyga And Kylie Gift To Baby Boy West Revealed

Kim Kardashian’s baby will receive lots of great gifts, but Tyga and Kylie’s gift to baby boy West is extra special. Tyga couldn’t wait to “shower” Kim and Kanye’s new baby with gifts and was ready to “join in the excitement” when the baby was only one day old.

Tyga, 25, knows for himself how “amazing” an experience it is when a newborn son comes into the world because he has a little boy too. Tyga rushed straight out to find a “precious gift” for the newborn baby. Even though Kylie wasn’t back from her trip to Miami for the annual Art Basel show, Tyga took it upon himself to be a wonderful uncle right from the start. He went out shopping and came up with a golden tiger teddy bear to remind baby West of Uncle Tyga.

A source told Hollywood Life that Tyga sent a “sweet” card to accompany the “thoughtful” gift.

“Tyga’s already gone out and purchased several gifts for the newborn, including this massive stuffed golden tiger teddy bear. He got Kimye a to and from card and wrote, ‘From One Family To The Next — Love Aunt Kylie & Uncle Tyga.'”

That message looks like good news for Tyga’s relationship with Kylie. The two have had some rocky times lately, and “their relationship is a bit shaky these days,” but the joint message of love for baby West from Aunt Kylie and Uncle Tyga definitely sounds like the two are working things out. Tyga and Kylie haven’t met their new nephew yet because they are waiting for Kylie to return from her Miami trip. In the meantime, Tyga is showing a lot of thoughtfulness to Kylie’s family.

Tyga’s gift is one of many that are filling up the oversized luxury birthing suite at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. No word yet on exactly what other the Kardashians have brought for the newest in the Kardashian clan, but there are sure to be some amazing presents for baby West.

“They are receiving a lot of gifts, including baskets and flowers.”

The presents aren’t just for baby West, though. Kim gets to open a few gift-wrapped boxes too! Social media is filling up with gift suggestions of what to give the new mom who has everything. Scented bubble bath, lavender sachets for the nursery drawers (“no nursery is complete without one”), a silver comb for the baby, and the ever-important sunscreen for baby’s tender skin are among the gift suggestions made by Vogue for Kim and baby.

The only gift Kim asked for was a “push present” from husband Kanye as “a way to thank her” for bringing his son into the world. A few weeks before the birth, Kim told Kanye that she wanted a million dollar, diamond-encrusted Lorraine Schwartz choker as her present.

Fans are waiting to see if Kanye “pulls through” with the gift since he’s often shown himself to be “the biggest sweetheart” when it comes to Kim, and he’s good at gift-giving too. Some fans aren’t impressed with Kim’s request though and think she should just be happy with the gift of the new baby. Twitter user Karen J. Larson wrote that having a baby was a gift in and of itself.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner were with Kim throughout the birth, and Khloe hurried over as soon as the baby was born, and they “brought plenty of gifts as well.” Now the world is waiting to see pics of all the gifts, but pics of the new baby are the best gift of all!

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for LACMA]