Jax Taylor Reveals He Would Cheat on Brittany Cartwright: Are They Still Together?

Jax Taylor is known for being a bit of a playboy at SUR, but lately he is making it sound like he is settling down with Brittany Cartwright. Now on a new preview for Vanderpump Rules, it appears that Jax could be back to his wild ways. Now everyone wants to know if Jax Taylor is still with Brittany or if something happened with Lala Kent that could have messed up their entire relationship. Radar Online shared a preview of the new episode where Lala talks to Jax about if he really has a girlfriend or not. Lala wants to know how serious Jax is with Brittany before she goes after him.

In this clip, Jax actually totally lies to the camera saying that he has split up with Brittany, but that isn’t true at all. At this time, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were still together. Jax then talks to the cameras and explains he is lying.

“If there was a rumor going around that Brittany and I broke up, well maybe I was the one who started that rumor. But we’re not really sure where things are going. So I’m definitely allowed to flirt.”

At that time, Brittany Cartwright was still not living in California, which made her relationship with Jax hard. He had shared before that he doesn’t do long distance.

Lala Kent will then go on to invite Jax Taylor out to have a drink. Of course, Jax goes ahead and says yes, even though, obviously, Brittany would not be okay with that at all. Jax Taylor had to at least see how it would go with her.

“I have always thought that Jax is a complete banger. Has a smile and he’s big, and the tattoos — they kill me every time. It just announces that he can take a lot of pain. I mean with how many Jax has, that’s a man that can get roughed up.”

Jax Taylor even makes a comment that makes it sound like he is going to sleep with Lala. It is unknown if he actually does, but whatever happened between Jax and Lala, it didn’t mess up his relationship with Brittany because the two are still together and going strong.

Just one week ago, Brittany actually went to her Instagram page and shared the exact same photo that Jax Taylor had shared of a new puppy. This shows that Jax and Brittany adopted a puppy together and it does look like things are going great for them.

Back in November, Bravo TV shared an update from Jax Taylor about his thoughts on Brittany Cartwright. Jax said that she was the best girlfriend he had ever had and then went on to explain the following.

“She is just such a put-together, solid girl. She’s beautiful, amazing. She takes great care of me. She’s just got all the Southern charm. Her upbringing is amazing. She’s just got good family values.”

Jax Taylor went on to explain that Brittany is also always smiling. She seems to be really happy all the time and these two seem to be a great match. Only time will tell if they can make it work, but it is obvious that if Jax did do anything with Lala, then it wasn’t enough to cause Brittany to call it quits. Hopefully she won’t be learning anything new now that the show is airing. Brittany did go to her Twitter and admit it is hard to watch.


Do you think that Jax Taylor and Lala Kent will end up doing anything? Could it just be harmless flirting between these two? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the new episode of Vanderpump Rules Monday night on Bravo.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Timberland]