November 27, 2017
'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Daryl Dixon Shot By Negan's Man Dwight -- Will Norman Reedus Die? [Video]

When it comes to The Walking Dead spoilers, Daryl Dixon has always been quite a puzzle. The show runners have teased fans about offing Norman Reedus' character in the past, but Daryl's story for the second half of The Walking Dead Season 6 could go in any direction since there is no comparison to the comic books' story. In fact, Daryl was invented as a new character for the TWD TV series, so if Daryl dies it will likely be in a surprising twist.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, if you're interested in other The Walking Dead spoilers, then check out the article about Negan, the Saviors, Ezekiel, and his pet tiger named Shiva. Also, many people suspect that something bad will happen to Carl Grimes in the ninth episode of TWD Season 6.

The latest in The Walking Dead rumors comes from The Spoiling Dead Fans. Their information is usually pretty dead on, and days before Glenn was shown to be alive, they successfully leaked information on how this event would occur, including how Enid and Glenn would find each other.

One thing we do know to be 100 percent certain is that Daryl Dixon will run into Negan's group, the Saviors, very shortly into the next half of the season. AMC has released a prologue video showing how this event takes place.

Unfortunately, there is a large gap in the information provided by The Spoiling Dead Fans. It's possible Daryl escapes his first brush with Negan's men, since the spoilers describe Norman Reedus' character as running away from Dwight, a member of the Saviors who exists in both the comics and the TV series.

According to the description, a very angry Daryl is seen out in the woods searching for Dwight. After he hears footsteps approaching, he shoots his crossbow and the bolt almost hits Rosita in the head. Apparently, Glenn has caught up with the group since she and Michonne are also revealed.

After Daryl and Michonne argue about what just happened, Daryl refers back to TWD Episode 6 when Dwight tied him up and pulled a gun on him. Daryl now regrets helping Dwight after all that has happened. Glenn then asks Daryl if he thinks it's his fault.

"I'm gonna do what I should have done. For her," Daryl replies.

In response, Glenn tells him that "she's gone," although no one is certain who they are referring to at this point. The Spoiling Dead Fans notes that the "females that were spotted filming for Episode 16 were Carol, Sasha, Maggie, and Michonne. So they should be safe at this point in the episode.

Some fans speculate that Judith may be the death being referenced, although others think it's a new love interest for Daryl who is introduced some time shortly after Episode 9. There's also the possibility that Enid died somewhere along the way, but predicting her death is also impossible since the Enid character was invented for the TV show just like Daryl.

Regardless of the identity of the woman or girl, the conversation has Daryl upset with everyone else and he tries shuffling off into the woods. Glenn and Michonne eventually talk Daryl into coming home so they can regroup and come up with a plan.

Later in The Walking Dead Episode 15, Glenn and Michonne are shown tied up and gagged by the Saviors. Daryl and Rosita attempt to sneak in for a rescue, but they do not realize the Saviors are still waiting for them. Glenn and Michonne try screaming to get Daryl's attention, but Dwight appears right behind Daryl with a gun pointed directly at his back.

This is where Norman Reedus fans will have a hear attack. As Daryl turns around, Dwight pulls the trigger and blood sprays everywhere, ending TWD Episode 15 with Daryl Dixon "dying" on screen. Fans will know that we can't always trust what is apparently shown on screen. Similar to how Glenn's "death" scene caused fans to freak out, Daryl's "death" scene will be shown to be a fake-out int he next episode.

"Daryl did film for episode 16 so it looks like he survives this ordeal. It's possible that he's not even the one who is shot. It could be a bait and switch and someone else could get the bullet. All we know is that it's going to look like Daryl is shot," explained The Spoiling Dead Fans.

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Daryl Dixon's fate in the show. Is Norman Reedus' run coming to an end? [Image via AMC]Even if Daryl survives being shot, or is not shot in the first place, he still may be in trouble for The Walking Dead finale for Season 6. In the comics, Glenn is killed by Negan with a barbed wire baseball bat named Lucille, but some fans speculate that Daryl will serve as a substitute for Glenn. There is even video evidence supporting this idea since a leaked video shows Negan swinging a bat at someone next to Glenn, but the question is whether the show runners are willing to risk the wrath of the fans.

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