‘Star Wars’ Featurette Released At Comic Con Brazil, While New Rumors And Spoilers Surface

After the release of a new movie poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, LucasFilms released a new behind the scenes featurette that was shown at Comic Con in Brazil. The new trailer features Daisy Ridley, who stars as Rey, one of the new characters in the Star Wars franchise. Fan favorites like Mark Hamill, who starred as Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy, also return.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the seventh film in the franchise and premieres in the United States on December 18, as reported by Coming Soon. It takes place 30 years after the events in Return of the Jedi the sixth movie in the franchise. Directed by J.J. Abrams, it stars both fan favorites Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), and Harrison Ford (Han Solo). New stars include Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega (Finn), and Oscar Isaacs (Poe Dameron). In the latest installment, the villain is Kylo Ren, a mysterious character portrayed by Adam Driver, who promises to finish what Darth Vader started.

Rumor Says Hayden Christiansen Returns In Star Wars Episode 8

There have been many rumors that have swirled around the release of the latest Star Wars movies. As reported in Inquisitr, the biggest rumor is the return of Hayden Christiansen for Episode VIII, where he may reprise his role as Darth Vader. Fans had mixed reactions to the news since many fans didn’t like the first three episodes in the trilogy, nor Christensen’s portrayal of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

Episode VIII is expected to premiere on May 26, 2017, while there are also other Star Wars movies in the works including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, set to be released on December 26, 2016. Although no release date has been set for the final film in the series, Episode IX, fans can also expect an anthology movie about Han Solo, set to be released on May 25, 2018.

Many spoilers have been released about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Metro reported that Harrison Ford tweeted about a major spoiler in the movie concerning Kylo Ren and Rey when he posted that they would battle it out in the new movie. Film buffs speculated there would be a battle between the two characters because of one of the movie posters previously released.

Daisy Ridley Stars As Rey In Star Wars The Force Awakens
Daisy Ridley Stars As Rey In Star Wars The Force Awakens

Ford gave weight to the theory when he gave the following answer.

“The sword fight with Rey and Kilo Ren. Fantastic visual storytelling.”

So far the only fight scene that has been hinted at has been between Finn and Kylo Ren. Ford was criticized for calling the lightsaber a sword, as well as mispelling Kylo Ren’s name. Rey hasn’t been seen with a lightsaber, only a long weapon.

Although the main villain of the film is Kylo Ren, he is not the only villain who will appear in the film. As reported by NME, Kathleen Kennedy, a producer of the new film, and president of Lucasfilm, said that the villain Captain Phasma, portrayed by Gwendolyn Christie, will survive the battles in Star Wars: The Force Awakens to return in Episode VIII. Christie has been previously seen in the hit series Game of Thrones. Kennedy stressed that unlike Darth Maul, who failed to survive Episode I, Captain Phasma is a major character and plays an important part in the film.

“She’s an important character, a baddie in the best sense of the word.”

Captain Phasma is the first female bad guy to appear in the Star Wars franchise. Christie said that she was glad that her character wouldn’t meet her fate yet, unlike fellow character Boba Fett, whom Christie’s character has been compared to. Fans will have to wait until the premiere on December 18 to find out.