Woman Tries To Burn Down Tattoo Artists Home For ‘Ink Blot’ Tattoo

A Michigan woman is facing up to 20 years in prison after she drunkenly received a tattoo by an artist that was also intoxicated, and upon sobering tried to burn her house down when the artwork wasn’t what she hoped.

32 year-old Star Burgess was enjoying a night on the town when she decided that it’d be a good to get a tattoo that spelled out her goddaughter’s name, “Sequoia.” So when she called up a friend that has done her tattoo’s in the past, she thought she’d be in good hands. However, when both women ended up passing out in their drunkenness, that’s when the mishap occurred.

“I guess I passed out. She passed out and like her neck got messed up,” said tattoo artist Melissa Melton.

After the two girls awoke from the night before, Burgess was able to get a glimpse at her new neck tattoo and quickly became upset with the results. The two briefly argued and Burgess demanded a refund. When Melton refused, her client then rushed out the house and headed directly to the gas station with a gas can and plans to burn the house down.

“I came back and it was like ‘We’re going to burn this [expletive] down,’ and they poured gas,” Melton said.

“It went up like that quick, and I got two little kids in the house,” continued Melton.

Luckily for everyone inside the home, Melton’s brother had just recently purchased a hose for the home and was able to quickly put out the blaze.

“Burning an occupied building, very little has to go wrong before you’ve got somebody dead,” said Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

According to Fox News Detroit, Melton did admit that maybe next time it would be a good idea to not drink when she is doing a tattoo.

“First word of caution, if you’re going to have a tattoo, maybe go to a professional, licensed, registered, tattoo parlor and not have you and the tattoo artist drunk at the time,” said Bouchard.

What do you think of Star Burgess’ ink blot tattoo?