‘America’s Next Top Model’: Nyle DiMarco Is Cycle 22’s Winner, Is He The Last?

Cycle 22 winner of America’s Next Top Model has just been named! The winner, who may be the last winner of the series ever, is Nyle DiMarco, a 26-year-old who is the second man to win America’s Next Top Model. Since the show’s inception in 2003, there have only been a handful of cycles where men were allowed to participate.

Nyle DiMarco, who is deaf, was an obvious favorite from the beginning of the show. Aside from his piercing eyes and rock-hard abs, Nyle was able to soar through every challenge, despite not hearing directions during shoots. Just being chosen as one of the contestants for Cycle 22 was a dream come true for DiMarco, but being chosen as the winner made him feel even better.

Nyle DiMarco, in an interview with People, shared his experiences while filming America’s Next Top Model.

“Being a deaf person on a television show alone is pretty groundbreaking, so it felt incredible just to be on the show — but to win it was amazing!”

Despite having a hot body and a beautiful face, DiMarco said that he doesn’t just rely on his looks. His proudest moment out of all the shoots is the one where he had to pose with a husky. Not only is he proud that he won the best photo for that shoot, he also did it without baring his body.

“That photo proved that there is more to me than just my body — there’s my ability to blend into clothes, my modeling skills and my ad-worthiness.”

Nyle had to go through different challenges in America’s Next Top Model, and as he says, being on top takes a lot of hard work. For one, he felt left out when other contestants would bond and he could not follow the conversation, but at the same time, he said that it was also a positive experience since he was able to block out “all the drama,” as he said to Us Magazine.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 Nyle with other models of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ [Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for NYLON]It seems that not being part of all the drama in the model house paid off, as DiMarco was able to focus on his task, which is to win the show and become a top model. He only has good things to say about show creator and supermodel Tyra Banks, sharing that the best thing he loves about Tyra is her ability to speak clearly.

“I’m able to read her lips without needing an interpreter. She speaks so clearly, and I think [her] knowing several languages helps.”

After winning America’s Next Top Model, Nyle DiMarco hopes to get more gigs, and wants to have a career in Hollywood as a deaf director.

As said before, Nyle may be the last model to win America’s Next Top Model. In the middle of the cycle, Tyra Banks announced that Cycle 22 will be the last. The reality show began in 2003, and winners are awarded modelling contracts to help boost their career. In latter cycles, Tyra Banks also opened the competition to shorter models and men. Many were sad to hear that Cycle 22 would be the last, but others also felt that America’s Next Top Model lost steam as years went by.

Nothing in set in stone, however, as a previous report from the Inquisitr states that despite being cancelled by CW, the reality competition may be picked up by a network streaming service. The report indicates that the show’s executive producer has received several phone calls from services and networks who want to pick up the show.

Do you think Nyle DiMarco deserves the title of America’s Next Top Model? Do you think the show should continue? Share your comments below.

[Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP]