NFL News: Ryan Tannehill Happy Offensive Coordinator Is Fired

In NFL news, Ryan Tannehill sounds really happy that Bill Lazor is no longer the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins, according to

Earlier in the week, Dan Campbell, the Miami Dolphins head coach, made the tough decision to fire offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. The decision was made because the offense simply was not moving the chains and putting up points. Plus, starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill was struggling for reasons that were unknown at the time. The former Texas A&M star was recently interviewed after Lazor was relieved of his duties. While he would never come out and say it, Tannehill’s words make it obvious that he is happy about the change in coordinators.

When asked about the change, Tannehill was quick to state that he was happy to be a part of the game planning process again. The 27-year-old seemed really pleased that he was going to be allowed to give feedback on the offense. Apparently, Lazor did not allow Tannehill much of a forum when he was the offensive coordinator. For much of their time together, Bill did not give Ryan the freedom to call his own audibles, something most quarterbacks prefer because it enables them to take advantage of what they see on the field.

Bill Lazor less attractive

The Miami Dolphins were the first team in the NFL to give Bill Lazor an opportunity to be an offensive coordinator. Unfortunately for him, his next chance in the league might not come for a while. Reputations are hard to shed when you are a coach. If other teams view you as being too stubborn to work hand in hand with a franchise quarterback, then they might be hesitant to bring you on board as the coordinator. Lazor has been a quarterbacks coach for three NFL teams so he might go back to doing that position.

As a former quarterback himself, Lazor should know how valuable freedom is for the position. The belief is that he might have developed his new mentality because of his time with Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles. The former University of Oregon head coach prefers complete control over the offense so he never allowed his quarterbacks too much freedom on the field. He brought that mentality to the NFL as well. Lazor was around when Nick Foles had his career year under Kelly.

Zac Taylor getting the job

To appease Ryan Tannehill and end his slump, Dan Campbell wisely chose Zac Taylor to replace Bill Lazor as the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. Taylor had previously was working as the quarterbacks coach so he already has a relationship with Tannehill. Zac also played quarterback for the University of Nebraska so he already understands how important freedom is to Tannehill. The fact that Taylor is just 32-years-old might help him better connect with Ryan since they are pretty close in age.

For Taylor, this is a great opportunity. If he can run the power running scheme that Campbell prefers and breaks Tannehill out of his slump, then he has a very good chance at being permanently given the offensive coordinator position with the Dolphins. Of course, much of that requires Campbell to earn the full time head coaching position. Campbell might have someone else in mind that he wants to bring into the organization, but if Taylor does a good job and bonds with Tannehill, then it might be hard for Dan to look elsewhere.

Will Zac Taylor be able to help break Ryan Tannehill out of the slump that Bill Lazor got him into?

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