Coco Austin’s Instagram Photo Shows Her Whittled Waist After Baby Chanel’s Birth [Video]

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Coco Austin has made plenty buzz all throughout her life, ever since her husband – famous rapper Ice-T – helped her grow to fame with a buxom bottom and voluptuous top. Now, Coco continues to make the celebrity news webpages because of a recent Instagram photo that shows Coco looking pretty slender only days after giving birth to the couple’s daughter.

As seen in the attached video, Ice T’s wife isn’t shy about showing off their beautiful daughter, nor her amazing post-baby body. Coco became a mom for the first time at 36 years of age, and Coco is already filling Instagram with photos of herself and her baby girl. Stating that she had just gotten out of the hospital, Coco is making news for appearing in a photo that shows her post-pregnancy tummy seemingly already popped back in place. It is not known whether Coco is wearing a waist-trainer or belly band in the photo, but chances are likely. Lots of new moms like to wear some sort of waist trainer or restricting garment that helps their skin snap back into shape after giving birth.

“Fresh out of the hospital..I can’t believe I became a mommy to a beautiful baby girl 4 days ago. I’m feeling Fab! I’m a complete woman!!

“My little munchkin makes the cutest faces! She has a big personality.”

It’s not the first time that Coco created buzz about her tummy, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Throughout her pregnancy, Austin’s journey was compared to the pregnancy journey of Kim Kardashian, since both famous women carried their children at the same time. While Coco had her baby first, Kim was beset with issues during her pregnancy – chiefly the many times Kardashian complained about feeling fat during her pregnancy. Other issues Kim endured will more than likely be tracked on upcoming episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, just like Kim’s other pregnancy was chronicled. Her infertility struggles were displayed for viewers as well.

Coco had to defend her own tiny baby bump, reported Page Six.

Folks who thought Austin’s baby bump didn’t look big enough in comparison to Kim’s large baby bump assumed that Coco wasn’t eating enough. Austin wrote on her own baby blog that she brought the concerns of a too-small baby bump to her doctor, who told Coco that everything was fine.

“My doctors said they just delivered a figure skater’s baby and she was smaller than me and she squeezed that baby out in nearly three tries because her abs were so strong. Strong abs muscles may mean you’re going to have an easier delivery. When I heard that, I was like let’s cross our fingers that that happens to me.”

Coco learned that due to her strong abdominal muscles, it took a while for Austin’s baby bump to pop out. Coco was happy when her baby bump finally popped out – and now it appears Austin’s strong abs have helped her waist return pretty quickly to a smaller size.

Ice & Coco Talkshow in hiatus Model💋 Fitness guru💪 Mom to Bulldogs🐶 Shoe Freak that loves 2 clean!👠 9 months pregnant w/ baby girl!🍼

In the new Instagram photo showing Coco holding her baby girl Chanel – who has her own Instagram account @BabyChanelNicole and plenty of Chanel clothing and shoes – Austin can be seen showing off her own ample cleavage. Coco appears to be wearing exercise pants, lots of pretty black eyeliner and red lipstick. Another Instagram photo shows Coco wearing Christmas-red lipstick with holiday decorations in the background as she prepares to give the tiny baby girl a kiss. Other photos simply show Chanel with beautiful dimples as a French manicured hand holds the baby girl, and Chanel holds onto Coco’s index finger.

Ice T appears in one of the photos on Instagram thus far, showing Coco looking perfectly made up after holding her newborn to her chest. Other photos show baby Chanel Nicole swaddled and happy.

Along with Coco’s abs snapping back quickly, Sarah Stage, an underwear model, also gained big buzz online for her stomach snapping back quickly only four days after she had her 8-pound baby boy.

[Image via Instagram/Coco Austin]