Taylor Swift Still Loves Harry Styles? New Report Says Calvin Harris Is Jealous

Things have really looked great between Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, but a new source is speaking out and says that there may be a few problems with their relationship. In the past, Taylor hasn’t been really open about her relationships, but she even takes Calvin with her to award shows. Hollywood Life shared that Taylor could still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, of the hit group One Direction. Taylor did date him for a bit before Calvin, but they were not together long.

A source is now speaking out and saying that Calvin is jealous over Taylor’s feelings for Harry.

“Calvin has separated himself from his playboy ways and is all in with his relationship with Taylor. He doesn’t like when she mentions her exes. He wants her to not talk about them, even if it’s her throwing shade at them. He wants her to be totally devoted to him. He gets jealous thinking that she still may have feelings for people like Harry or others she has dated — it’s upsetting to him.”

The source explained that anything about one of Taylor Swift’s exes makes Calvin jealous. Not long ago Taylor actually liked a post on Tumblr that said that Styles was immature when they dated. Of course, that wasn’t meant as a positive toward Harry, but it doesn’t seem to have kept Calvin Harris from being concerned. A lot of fans were upset when they saw that Taylor liked a post that wasn’t positive about Styles.


Jezebel shared that Calvin Harris actually just made his Instagram page private and it is allegedly because of annoying Taylor Swift fans that are bothering him. You have to request to follow Harris now, but he already had over 4 million followers and didn’t kick them off his page. This all allegedly had to do with a Tumblr post that shared that people think someone else would be better for Taylor. It talks about “Karlie being better for Taylor/Harry being better for Taylor.” Karlie Kross is actually just a really good female friend of Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles is her ex-boyfriend, but it was a very short relationship. There have been some rumors that Karlie and Taylor could be more than friends, but Swift has never dated a woman before. It has actually been three years since Harry and Taylor called it quits. She did write her song Style about him though, and rumor is that One Direction’s song Perfect is about Taylor, but Harry has never admitted to that being true.

After this all happened, a Taylor Swift fan page posted all about how if you are disrespecting Calvin Harris then you are also disrespecting Taylor Swift. Sources say that Taylor liked the post and then quickly unliked it, probably so nobody would see that she had done it. They went on to say that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are in a committed relationship and nothing that fans say or do is going to change that. They feel like this is the reason that Calvin Harris set his page to private. If you were lucky enough to already follow Taylor’s boyfriend, then it looks like you can still see what he has to share on Instagram, but Calvin might just not share as much as he used to do.

Do you think that Taylor Swift still has feelings for Harry Styles? Is Taylor better off with Calvin Harris? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. It is starting to look like Taylor’s fans may never realize that she is never ever getting back together with Harry Styles.

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]