CNN Won’t Pay Trump, Trump Won’t Pay Lip Service To Political Correctness — ‘Why Won’t Barack Obama Say ‘Radical Islam’?’

In the wake of a scuffle with CNN (“I won’t participate in the next debate unless you pay me $5 million,” Trump told the broadcaster), Donald Trump has urged his supporters to question Barack Obama’s failure to use the term “radical Islam.”

“There is something wrong with him that we don’t know about.”

Donald Trump may have been referring to the “birther” conspiracy theory — the belief, held by some American voters, that Barack Obama is not American and that Obama’s term in the Oval Office has been illegal.

Trump may even be accusing Barack Obama of holding jihadist beliefs himself, or of having links to ISIS. Remember, Trump is the man who previously speculated that Syrian immigrants may entering the U.S. as part of a military strategy by a foreign power.

“Our president doesn’t want to use the term…’Radical Islamic Terrorism,’” Trump said. “There is something wrong with him that we don’t know about.”

While some believe that Obama refuses to say “Radical Islam” for reasons related to political correctness, i.e. the president is reluctant to associate Islam with “radical” and “volatile” behavior, Trump suggests there may be something much more sinister behind the president’s choice of words.

Trump also called Obama an enemy of Israel, according to Breitbart.

“Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to Israel. Our president has been unbelievably rude to [Prime Minister] Bibi Netanyahu.”

Trump believes that the U.S. should stand more firmly and unequivocally with its ally Israel. Prime minister Netanyahu has received criticism for his dealing with Palestinian attacks on Israelis.

Israel clashed with America this year following Obama’s negotiation of a new Iran nuclear deal, which fanned Israeli fears that their enemy Iran could get its hands on a nuclear bomb.

Trump argued that Obama’s deal will be a disaster for Israel, and could lead to Israel becoming the target of Islamist attacks.

“I think [Obama’s nuclear deal] will be the worst single thing to go down for Israel.”

While accusing Obama of beating around the bush on issue of terrorism, Trump has made his attitude to terrorists and terrorism clear.

“You’re talking about sneaky, underhanded people that want to kill our civilians.”

“Not just our civilians, but people all over the world,” Trump added, before announcing his angry plan.

“I’m going to bomb the s*** out of them.”

Trump criticized not just Obama, but all his opponents for their soft approaches, saying John Kerry “doesn’t know how to negotiate” and saying of Hillary Clinton “she doesn’t have the strength or energy to help Israel.”

“What she did was criminal. She’s been involved in corruption her whole life. She was a horrible Secretary of State. She did a horrible job, other than traveling a lot. The world blew up around her.”

The Washington Post accuses Trump of building a campaign by appealing to low human impulses, citing Trump’s claims that Mexico keeps “sending rapists into the United States” and the businessman’s recent recollection that he watched “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating the attacks of September 11.

Trump recently challenged broadcaster CNN to pay him to appear in an upcoming GOP debate. Headline-grabbing Trump may have been confident that CNN would be desperate to have him, but its president insists that CNN won’t pay Trump, according to The Hill.

“We do not pay candidates to appear.”

Trump has accused the network of “not treating him properly,” though CNN insists that it takes a stance of neutrality to all candidates.

The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump was “irritated by CNN’s coverage” of his campaign. However “after grumbling,” the GOP candidate has now agreed to participate in the debate.

“Trump acknowledged that his ability to force CNN’s hand is limited. He said the network’s ratings would probably suffer if he did not appear — and he would be criticized.

“If I don’t do [the debate], the problem will be, ‘Oh, he’s chicken, he’s using that as an excuse,’” Trump said. “Every single person doing the debate would knock the hell out of me and say I’m afraid to be there. The one thing I’m not in life is a chicken.”

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]