Heather Bilyeu Really Pregnant? ‘MDLLA’ Viewers Congratulate After Josh Altman’s Photo Seemingly Shows Baby Bump

Is Heather Bilyeu really pregnant? Some Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles viewers seem to think so. On Thursday, Josh Altman posted a photo of Heather that he took the night prior in Miami. Several people commented that Heather looks pregnant and congratulated the couple on the impending baby.

The couple are currently in Miami for Art Basel. The photo shows Heather in a tight black dress, showing her with a fuller-looking stomach than usual. People commented that it looks as if Heather really is pregnant.

Heather Bilyeu and Josh Altman, stars of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" [Image via Josh Altman/Instagram]Also in the photo is Luis D. Ortiz, star of Million Dollar Listing New York. He posted the same photo on his Instagram page. Several of his followers also commented that Heather looks pregnant.

Yet one person commented on Josh’s photo that the show is not filmed live. If Heather was pregnant when the episode was filmed, which could have happened months ago, it’s likely that she, if she really is pregnant, would have a bigger belly now than what’s shown in the photo.

Heather’s Instagram page shows many recent photos of herself looking as skinny as usual. One photo, posted seven weeks ago, shows Heather, Josh, and Josh’s brother, Matt, at Josh’s book launch party. Josh’s book launch party was shown on Wednesday night’s episode of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. It was at Josh’s book launch party that Heather told Josh that she might be pregnant.

On the latest episode, Josh followed Heather after she went into the women’s restroom upset. Heather told Josh that she’s a few days late with her period. In his interview, Josh said that at the time, he kept thinking about how, in the past few months, he’s been saying that he doesn’t want children yet because he’s not ready. He said that he didn’t want Heather to think about that but just to know that he cares about her.

Back at the launch party, Josh Altman thanked his team and his fiancée Heather Bilyeu. He declared to the audience that he loves her and that without her, his success would not have been possible. The episode then showed Josh and Heather leaving the party. In his interview, Josh said that all he wanted to do at that point was to take Heather home and tell her how much he loves her. He then said that he’s ready if there is a child in the picture.

“You know what, if after tonight, everything changes for us, then I’m ready for that.”

A week ago, Josh posted a photo of Heather with some of his friends. The photo shows Heather wearing a crop top, with her defined abs in visible display.

Josh Altman And Heather Bilyeau [Image via Josh Altman/Instagram]Josh and Heather are set to get married in Aspen, Colorado, on April 2, 2016. In an interview with Us Weekly, posted in September, Josh said that his relationship with Heather is better than ever. He also talked about why he and Heather canceled their previous wedding date. On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles last season, viewers saw Heather and Josh go through some difficult moments after she questioned his commitment to the relationship and saw his disinterest in the wedding planning.

“Heather and I are in a great place right now. We’re happy and everything is good and we’ve kind of thrown out all the other noise. Last year we were trying to do everything at once and we couldn’t, even though we felt we could. And that was one of the reasons why we canceled the wedding.”

Josh admitted that their previous wedding plan was too over-the-top. They are now having a wedding that is more in line with what Heather wants, which is a small wedding with their closest friends and family. The wedding will take place at the Aspen Art Museum, with about 90 guests in attendance.

One person who likely won’t be at the wedding is their co-star, Madison Hildebrand. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Madison revealed that Josh Altman and Heather Bilyeu are still mad at him for supposedly cheating her out of her commissions from when she worked for him.

[Photo by Todd Oren/Getty Images]