Missing Ohio Teen Found: Alexis Boroviak Rescued, Chris Schroeder Arrested On Rape And Kidnapping Charges

Missing Ohio teenager Alexis Boroviak has been found. Lexi, 15, disappeared 23 days ago after going outside to walk her dog. Chris Schroeder has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape. Boroviak was rescued from Schroader’s Marthasville, Missouri, home on Tuesday afternoon.

Lexi Boroviak was kidnapped near her Brooklyn, Ohio, home, and driven about 500 miles away to Chris Schroeder’s home and then held against her will and raped repeatedly, police say. The 41-year-old man now faces both federal and state charges in the case of the missing Ohio teen.

Chris Schroeder and Alexis Boroviak met online via a social media app called Kik, according to FBI reports. The Ohio teenager reportedly told the Missouri man that she was unhappy at home. Schroeder is then believed to have driven the nine hours from his home to Lexi’s home in Brooklyn, and then took her back with him to engage in sex, the Daily Mail reports.

Once she was in Missouri, Schroeder then destroyed her cellphone and SIM card, and told her that she needed to lose weight and alter her physical appearance.

Missouri police investigators found two video cameras facing toward the bed in the room where Schroeder kept Lexi. Police found at least one video recording sexual intercourse recorded inside the room.

Alexis Boroviak told the police that she begged to go home, but Schroeder refused to allow her to leave. Due to the number of guns in the home, Lexi said she feared for her life due to the number of guns in the home.

Around 7 :30 p.m. on November 8, about 10 minutes after Lexi went outside to walk her dog, the Ohio teenager’s stepsister found the dog wandering around alone in the front yard.

Thousands of volunteers joined together to search for Lexi Boroviak, including actor Nicholas Cage. The three Ohio women who were held captive for a decade in the “House of Horrors” in Cleveland also joined in the search for Alexis. Cleveland.com reported that just days after Lexi disappeared, Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, and Amanda Berry lent their support for the search at a flashlight rally. The rally for Lexi was the first time the three former kidnap and rape victims had been together in more than a year.

Lexi’s mother, Linda Chalfant, and her stepfather, Britton Ramsey, told the media that if the Ohio teenager had simply ran away, she could return home at any time — but she did not. When the relieved mother got the news that Alexis had been found, she called it the happiest day of her life. Chalfant thanked those who who helped with the search for the missing girl and worked to increase awareness about her disappearance.

alexis boroviak chris Schroeder
Lexi Boroviak Found! Britton Ramsey, the stepfather of Alexis Boroviak posed with a photo of the missing Ohio teenager and Nicholas Cage. The actor helped to draw attention to the kidnapping.

“At this time, while her location is yet unknown, several pieces of credible information suggest that Alexis had made plans to run away,” a police statement issued to Fox 8 last month, said. “She had clearly informed friends and extended family members of her intention, but did not offer any solid information as to her intended destination.”

lexi boriak found
Chris Schroader has been arrested for the kidnapping and rape of missing Ohio teen, Alexis Boroviak.

The Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force worked jointly to locate Lexi Boroviak.

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