Ed Sheeran And Adele Candidates For British Artist Of The Year At BBC Music Awards

Ed Sheeran vs Adele at BBC Music Awards

Both Ed Sheeran and Adele have been smashing records this year, and the year isn’t over yet. The two iconic singers have one more record to compete for, namely the best British artist at the BBC Music Awards 2015.

This is the second year in a row that Sheeran has been nominated for this honor, and last year, he took home the prize. However, he may not be so blessed this year. Although he’s done very well for himself, Sheeran has his work cut out for him if he wants to beat out Adele. After a four-year hiatus, the “Hello” singer made an impressive return with her newest album, 25.

Adele’s newest music has been breaking records, with her music video for “Hello” receiving more views than any other production. 25 also sold millions of copies. Not bad for being gone for several years.

Aside from the best British singer award, the BBC Music Awards will be loaded with star awards. For the international artist of the year award, judges are considering Prince, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, Hozier, and Major Lazer.

Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Lionel Richie, Radio 1’s Ibiza Prom, and Radio 1 Xtra’s Prom are all in the runnings for the best live performance of the year.

The hosts of the show will be Chris Evans and Fearne Cotton. There will also be plenty of live entertainment going on throughout the night with performers like Jess Glynne, Ellie Goulding, One Direction, Little Mix, James Bay, Rod Stewart, and Mumford and Sons.

Ed Sheeran gives a speech after receiving the ARIA Diamond Award during the 29th Annual ARIA Awards 2015 in Australia. (Photo by Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images)

Ed Sheeran’s candidacy for British artist of the year isn’t the only accomplishment the “Photograph” singer is facing today. He’s also been named Spotify’s most-streamed artist in 2015, as well as the most-streamed artist in 2015 in the UK and the most-streamed artist of all time.

This impressive feat is made possible thanks to his three billion streams to this day. He also has more than 59 million listens this year in the UK alone. This announcement comes shortly after Sheeran’s sold-out world tour. At 24-years-old, this is an impressive start for the singer with a lot of life ahead of him.

Aside from Sheeran’s record here, there will also be recognition for the most-streamed female artist of 2015, which is Rihanna. She has more than one billion streams and 57 million listens per year.

Justin Bieber tops the charts as well, thanks to his impressive comeback. He set the record for the most streams in a single day. On November 13, he had 36 million streams within the span of 24 hours. In addition, he broke the record of the most album streams in a single week.

After a whirlwind career that took off in 2011, Ed Sheeran has scraped up some impressive records and awards. His album x won the British Album of the Year and was nominated for a Grammy. He’s won British Male Solo Artist and has had several sold out shows, particularly at Wembley Stadium.

Ed Sheeran's shows are Wembley Stadium were entirely sold out. The first sold out show for the "Photograph" singer. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for Ed Sheeran)

Most notably, Sheeran will take a place in the new Guinness World Records 2016 book. His single “Thinking Out Loud” had the longest climb to No. 1 on the UK singles chart. It was on the charts for a record-breaking 19 weeks. The corresponding video also did notably well with more than 6.8 million views on YouTube.

Sheeran has had quite the year. Not only has he been nominated for several awards and won a few more, but he also got his driver’s license. At 24-years-old and more fame than he could ask for, the ballad singer didn’t feel a need to get his freedom until just a couple of months ago.

Both Ed Sheeran and Adele are in the runnings for the British Artist of the Year award at the BBC Music Awards, which will air on Thursday, December 10.

[Photo by Glenn Hunt/Getty Images]