‘Vikings’ Season 4: Who Dies And Who Is Covered In Blood?

While History Channel has not yet announced when season 4 of their historical series, Vikings, will air, it seems some of the cast members are starting to drum up interest for the new season on Instagram.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains speculation about season 4 of History Channel’s Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid potential spoilers.

Recently, the Inquisitr reported that a couple of images from season 4 of Vikings — in particular, an image of what appears to be an aged Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig in Vikings) — hit official Instagram accounts that could potentially indicate spoilers for the next season. Since then, after scouring the official accounts of many of the Vikings cast, it appears there are more tidbits to be gleaned for season 4. Let’s have a look at what we have found for fans of Vikings.

Firstly, Katheryn Winnick seems to be the go-to Vikings account when it comes to upcoming season 4 information and new images. She not only posted the image used in the Inquisitr article mentioned above that shows her character, Lagertha, standing in a room filled with vikings that are either asleep or dead, but also several other images after that.

The first image of interest is for fans who are in love with the costume design on the set of Vikings. It seems Lagertha will have new armor in season 4 of Vikings. The armor is fitted and features stitching down the middle as well as along the side panels. Fearsome creatures — dragons perhaps? — are embossed across the top of the armor.

Two more images show screenshots from season 4 of Vikings. One shows Lagertha standing, steely gazed and looking out towards something. She appears to be dirty and bloody but the image gives no hint as to what this scene will mean in season 4. The second image, however, is a little more concerning. While not a lot is revealed in this image and appears similar to the first, it is the caption that suggests at the loss of a Vikings character in season 4: “Another one bites the dust.. Guess who?” Once again, Lagertha appears bloody in this image. The only question is, who dies in season 4 of Vikings? Besides, it looking like Lagertha knows the dead person in the image, there is little evidence to suggest who has died beyond a section of blonde hair that is evident at the very bottom of the image.

Another one bites the dust.. Guess who? #Vikings #valhalla #behindthescenes #Lagertha

A photo posted by Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) on

The final image Katheryn Winnick has posted is a casual image of her “Viking family.” The image is taken in Dublin (where Vikings is currently filming) and shows cast members sitting around a table, smiling for the camera. The most noticeable absence in this image is Travis Fimmel, who plays the lead character of Ragnar Lothbrok. Could this image suggest something sinister? Or is it merely Travis behind the camera? Only time will tell.

The other Vikings actor who has been posting plenty of images about the upcoming season 4 of Vikings is Clive Standen (who plays Ragnar’s brother, Rollo). While Clive hasn’t posted any recent images from the set of Vikings, he has been posting plenty of images from his time on set and as he visited historical sites that are important to his character. Rollo was a viking that turns up in the history books as becoming the first viking ruler of Normandy. Considering, in season 3 of Vikings, we saw Rollo offered the hand of Gisela (Morgane Polanski), it looks likely Rollo’s story will follow a similar path in season 4 if the images he is posting of Rouen’s (also known as Rollo) historical sites are anything to go by.

Rollo Seeing double #Rouen #Normandy #RealVikings

A photo posted by Clive Standen (@clive_standen) on

However, it is his image from three weeks ago that will probably excite bloodthirsty Vikings fans the most. The picture is a close up of Rollo’s eye. His face is bloody and the caption for the image suggests he has just returned from battle:

I got my eye on you…And your blood on me.

A photo posted by Clive Standen (@clive_standen) on

While all these images give away little in relation to the upcoming season 4 of Vikings, it certainly gives fans enough to think about until the new season airs in 2016. What do you think will happen in season 4 of Vikings? Let us know your thoughts and theories by commenting below!

Vikings returns to History Channel for Season 4 in 2016 with an extended season.

[Image credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.]