‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Confronts Laura, Carly Confronts Liz, And Jason And Patrick Butt Heads

Things are pretty tense these days in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that things aren’t about to cool down anytime soon. Jason is planning to divorce Sam and stay with Elizabeth, but he is getting a lot of pressure from many sides about his choices. Where are things headed on this front in the December 1 show?

As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Jason and Carly had an intense talk. Carly is trying to push Elizabeth out of Jason’s life, but he is telling her that he is content with who he is now with Liz. Jason was fairly forceful in telling Carly to back off, but General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Carly won’t be able to help herself, and there is more meddling on the way.

Tuesday’s episode brings another showdown between Carly and Elizabeth. Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that Carly will be pushing Elizabeth to walk away from her relationship with Jason so he can reunite with Sam. Granted, that isn’t what Jason wants right now, but both Carly and Liz know that the old Jason certainly would have still been with Sam.

From the sound of things, Carly will get pretty ugly in this confrontation. It’s not known yet how tough Liz will be in standing her ground, but it doesn’t sound as if Carly’s rampage will have much of an effect on Liz and Jason’s determination to stick together. For now, Jason is staying with Liz.

Sam may have told Patrick that she’s committed to their relationship, but she is still anxious to figure out what secret Liz has been keeping. After Jake mentioned Laura during Monday’s show, Sam shifted her focus from Jake to Laura. General Hospital spoilers share that she will track down Laura in Tuesday’s show and push for answers.

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How will Laura respond? She has promised to continue maintaining the secret that Elizabeth knew Jason’s identity, and it’s highly unlikely she’ll reveal much of anything to Sam. That surely won’t stop Sam from pushing hard for answers, though. General Hospital spoilers for later in the week tease that Sam will be confronting Liz and claiming that she knows everything. Will she really figure out the truth this soon or is she bluffing to trip up Elizabeth?

There is more to come between Jason and Patrick in Tuesday’s episode as well. Patrick wants Jason out of Sam’s life. However, given the fact that Jason and Sam have Danny, Patrick simply isn’t going to get his wish. Jason doesn’t have a romantic interest in Sam at this point, but the two are still linked together, and that puts Patrick in a tough spot.

General Hospital spoilers share that Patrick will be pushing Sam to explain why she is hesitant to divorce Jason, and she likely won’t have much of an answer for him. Will her hesitation lay the groundwork for big changes soon for Patrick? Many GH fans have a hunch that this may well be the case.


Viewers will see more of Nina and Maxie working together in Tuesday’s episode, and there is a tense conversation ahead between Julian and Franco. General Hospital spoilers share that Franco is suspicious of Julian’s intentions, and he’s calling him out on it. There is also a heated scene coming in this episode between Carly and Franco as well.

This December 1 episode brings a bit of time between Nikolas and Alexis too, as Nik will tell Alexis about Helena’s supposed death. While Alexis surely won’t shed any tears, Nik is struggling and grieving. Alexis will seemingly point out, however, that Nik is starting to act a lot like his evil grandmother. Viewers will also see a bit more related to Ava and Paul. Will she push him for answers about the shipment of guns she discovered?

There is plenty of drama ahead in this next episode, and viewers won’t want to miss a minute of the action. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.


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