Scheana Marie Reveals Reaction To Jax Taylor’s Harsh Marriage Comment, Believes Stassi Schroeder Returned To ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Because Of Boredom

On Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor predicted that Scheana Marie’s marriage to Mike Shay won’t last very long. Jax, who is supposedly very good friends with Scheana, actually told Lisa Vanderpump that he has milk with a longer shelf life than Scheana and Mike’s marriage.

What does Scheana think of Jax’s comment? She revealed her reaction to Jax’s comment through her blog post, recapping the latest episode. Also on Monday, Scheana addressed some viewers’ speculations that Mike’s addiction was actually just a scripted storyline in a separate interview with E! News. She also talked about the return of her former friend, Stassi Schroeder, to the show.

Through her blog post, Scheana revealed that when she saw what Jax had said, she fired off several angry texts to him. Scheana believes that Jax just said what he did to get attention and doesn’t really mean it. She added that he has apologized for his comment.

“He got several angry texts from me when I saw that. I feel like it was one of those things he says to get attention and it completely backfires. Jax loves me and Shay and would never truly mean that I’d hope. He’s since apologized.”

As the episode aired, Jax tweeted an apology to Scheana and Mike. Jax confirmed that he didn’t mean what he said.


On last week’s episode, Scheana Marie revealed that her husband, Mike Shay, was addicted to pills and drinking too much. She tearfully told Lisa Vanderpump that Mike was taking as many as five prescription painkillers a day and mixing the pills with alcohol. The troubles in their marriage got so bad that Mike even left the apartment for a while.

Upon his return, Tom Sandoval, Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix helped Scheana talk to Mike, and got Mike to open up about his problem, a problem that began before he married Scheana but hid from her. Scheana and Mike got married in August 2014. The wedding was featured in Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, as his addiction was publicly revealed, Mike Shay declared his love for Scheana on social media, proclaiming that he loves her more every day.


On the latest episode, Scheana gave Lisa an update on her marriage. She said that she and Mike agreed to live a healthier lifestyle that includes going to the gym, eating better and Mike losing 10 pounds.

After Scheana left the table, Jax Taylor gave his opinion to Lisa. Jax told Lisa that Mike is obviously trying to run away from the marriage since he has no say in anything and that Scheana controls him too much. Jax then said that his milk will last longer than Scheana and Mike’s marriage, and that Mike is miserable.

“I have milk that has a longer shelf life than that marriage… She needs to let him have some say in things. He has no balls…He’s miserable. He is miserable.”


In his interview, Jax added that Scheana acts like Mike’s mother.

“I just feel like Shay’s trying to live up to this person that Scheana wants him to be so much that he’s just driving himself crazy. It’s almost like it’s his mother, not his wife.”

Jax’s comment is just one of the many critical ones that Scheana has heard lately. In her interview with E! News, Scheana responded to the criticism that Mike’s addiction is actually fake.

“The most annoying thing was people saying this was our scripted story like…It’s not about having a storyline, it’s about what’s going on in our lives right now, and this is what was going on in our life. It wasn’t my first choice to be like, ‘Oh my God, we should totally film all this terrible stuff happening.’ But at the same time, that’s our reality.”

Scheana Marie also talked about her former friend, Stassi Schroeder, whom viewers will see making a return to Vanderpump Rules later on in the season despite her previous vows that she would never return. Scheana admitted that she and the other cast members were not happy to see Stassi again midway through filming the season because she was “a dark cloud.” As for why Stassi returned, Scheana guesses that she just didn’t have anything else to do.

“At first I was surprised, but then I thought about who she was, and I was like, ‘Why would I be surprised?’ She has an opportunity to make something about her. I think she just didn’t have anything else to do. “

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