Black Pastor Claims Liberal Media Distorts What Is In Donald Trump’s Heart [Video]

Pastor Darrell Scott says that the liberal mainstream media is falsely depicting the real Donald Trump.

Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner and former reality show star, met with a group of African-American religious leaders today at Trump Tower in New York City.

The New York Times, and apparently the Trump campaign itself, previously announced that the 100 pastors would endorse his presidential candidacy after the closed-door meet and greet.

Trump, who has gotten himself into new controversies with the latest series of eyebrow-raising statements that have been separately recounted, initially theorized that pressure from some in the Black Lives Matter movement discouraged the pastors from officially backing his presidential candidacy at this time.

Various media outlets incorrectly and gleefully reported that the on-again, off-again meeting with the black pastors was cancelled outright.

The meeting went forward, as did an impromptu press conference at Trump Tower, but without an across-the-board official endorsement of the Trump candidacy. “But plenty of attendees showed enthusiastic support for Trump, saying Trump has been villainized by his critics and some in the media,” CNN explained.

An op-ed in EBONY magazine from another group of black clergy accused Trump of using “overtly divisive and racist language on the campaign trail” and preemptively questioned whether their colleagues should give him any legitimacy.

African-Americans traditionally vote overwhelmingly for Democrat candidates.

Pastor Scott, a registered Democrat and Obama voter and who leads the New Spirit Revival Center in the Cleveland area, supports Trump, but doesn’t support the media.

“I didn’t have concerns [with Trump] because I was already convinced, but there were concerns that the liberal media has put out portraying Mr. Trump in a light that I know he’s not the type of person he was depicted to be. So what we were able to do today was allow to see his heart for themselves and to make up their own minds about him. And they find out that he’s not the person that the media has depicted him to be.”


Scott deemed today’s “meaningful dialogue” with Trump productive and constructive, and suggested that more endorsements from his colleagues may be forthcoming after many of them met the billionaire businessman for the first time.

“We voiced concerns that were sensitive to the African-American community. And we asked questions were answered and we were satisfied with the answers and we’re a unified front right here. We had a wonderful time, a wonderful dialogue, wonderful fellowship, wonderful interaction. It was a great day.”

He also declared that everyone in the room, regardless of any endorsement or non-endorsement, likes Donald Trump.

Aside from whether Trump’s various statements are factually challenged or not, this far from the November 2016 general election, most Americans may pay little attention to the media vs. candidate jousting, although the New York-Washington journalist circuit finds it all consuming.

Given the disdain for the media by many Republican primary voters and GOP-leaning independents, moreover, the ongoing anti-Trump pile-on from reporters and from the so-called GOP establishment may further boost the political momentum of Donald Trump, who continues to lead the primary field in most polls.

Trump told reporters that the two-and-a-half hour meeting today with the black pastors was “amazing.” Trump suggested that one of the issues discussed in the meeting was ways to address and solve the high rate of unemployment in the African-American community. He added that there was a lot of love in the room and insisted that none of the pastors asked him to change the abrasive tone of his campaign rhetoric.

Stressing his background as a successful real estate developer, Trump has campaigned on putting America back to work and bringing jobs back home from overseas.

More than 93 million Americans have dropped out of the workforce altogether, a new record, according to government data.

Also on hand for the Donald Trump press conference today was Omarosa, now an ordained minister who was one of the original and most memorable/contentious Apprentice cast members. Omarosa is, or was, a Democrat and worked in the Clinton administration.

Do you think that Donald Trump is getting a fair shake in the media?

[Photo by Seth Wenig/Associated Press]