Actor Who Voiced Main Character In ‘Hey Arnold!’ Stuns Internet By Turning Out To Be ‘Super Hot’

Anyone who grew up with 90s Nickelodeon cartoons remembers the show Hey Arnold!. It was about a down-to-Earth city kid who attended public school and helped out his young classmates by providing good advice and a cool attitude. Over a decade later, the original voice actor who played the main character in Hey Arnold! has become an internet sensation, not so much for his Nickelodeon claim to fame, but for his Instragram page that flaunts his stunning good looks.

BuzzFeed was the first to report on the Hey Arnold! actor’s amazing transformation into adulthood, sharing several photos from his personal Instagram that reveal a rugged and heavily-tattooed gentleman.

“You remember Arnold from the iconic ’90s cartoon Hey Arnold, right?… Well, it turns out that the guy who voices Arnold’s character for the first 41 episodes of the show is insanely good-looking now. Like, ridiculously hot.”

The man who lent his voice to Hey Arnold! is named Lane Toran, and he’s now a 33-year-old actor and musician living and working in Los Angeles. Check out some of Toran’s photos below and see for yourself if the actor went from the football-head from Hey Arnold! to full on male model in just a few years.

Lane Toran
Lane Toran
Hey Arnold star

According to Elite Daily, Lane Toran also did some voice acting for another Nickelodeon show, Rocket Power. After Toran was replaced on Hey Arnold! by actors Spencer Klein and Phillip Van Dyke, he would later return to the show to voice Wolfgang, the leader of a gang of bullies. Lane Toran also played a minor part on another major 90s hit, 7th Heaven and returned to voice acting to play King Bob on the Disney show Recess.

But these days, the Hey Arnold! actor spends most of his time composing and uploading professional-looking photos of himself that have much of the internet swooning, especially those who have a taste for the bearded-men trend that’s so popular these days.

Lane Toran
Hey Arnold actor Lane Toran

Lane has sung lead vocals on many of his own original songs and has also played with the Los Angeles band DieRadioDie. He co-write the song “Sweet Sixteen” for Hilary Duff, which appeared on her second studio album Metamorphosis. He provided the lead vocals for several television series, as well, according to the Lane Toran Wikipedia page.

Twitter users have not been shy about their shock that the Hey Arnold! kid turned out to be such a heartthrob.

Do you think the Hey Arnold! actor is as good looking as everyone else says he is? Did you watch Hey Arnold! back when it was on Nickelodeon. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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[Photos courtesy of Nickelodeon and Lane Toran, via Instragram]