Xbox One's $150 Elite Controller A Tough Find As Demand Exceeds Expectations

Good luck if you are attempting to hunt down an Xbox One Elite Controller for yourself or a loved one this holiday. The $150 uber controller for Microsoft's console is sold out at most retailers, with Xbox head Phil Spencer suggesting it will be tough to find before gamers start opening their gifts on Christmas morning.

"We are working to get more in stock, sorry they've been so hard to find," Spencer wrote in response on Twitter to one fan asking when they will be able to purchase an Xbox One Elite Controller.

"It's tough as I don't want to overpromise," Spencer added when asked if new shipments of the Xbox One Elite Controller will come in time for Christmas. "Demand has just exceeded our planning. If you find one and you want it, pick it up, sorry."

A quick scan for the Xbox One Elite Controller at Amazon, Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store shows that it is sold out. GameStop does list the controller as part of a full priced Halo 5: Guardians bundle at $209.98, however, with all other options sold out.

Xbox One Elite Controller
[Image via Xbox]Those hoping to pick the controller up on the secondary market via eBay or Amazon marketplace are looking at a hefty markup. The prices through third-party sellers or those looking to make a quick buck are $50 to $100, and more, over the suggested retail price.

The Microsoft Store does list when the next batch of Xbox One Elite Controllers will be shipped out. Unfortunately, that date is December 28, which makes getting one of these in your hands by Christmas seem less likely.

There is one expensive route for getting the Xbox One Elite Controller via retail, and that is the Xbox One Elite console bundle for $500. This is the version of the console that comes with the 1TB hybrid solid-state and traditional hard drive, which gives the console a performance boost of up to 20 percent when booting up and loading games. It's a solid pick up for those getting their first Xbox One. Everyone else will probably just want to wait for the Elite Controller to come back in stock.

The Xbox One Elite Controller has turned into a pleasant surprise for Microsoft. It was originally marketed toward the hardcore and pro gamer audience, but it has quickly turned into a bit of a mass market item.

Xbox One Elite Controller Mapping
[Image via Xbox]Spencer admitted in an interview at China Joy in July (via ZhugeEx on YouTube) that the company probably underestimated the demand for the Elite Controller and saw strong interest well before release. It launched at the end of October with Halo 5: Guardians, and has been a tough find for those interested in dropping $150 for a premium controller.

For those unfamiliar with the fuss over the Xbox One Elite Controller, the premium device comes with a bevy of swappable thumbsticks, along with paddles that can be mounted on the underside in place of the "A", "B", "X", and "Y" face buttons. It also features Hair Trigger Locks on the left and right trigger to reduce the distance it takes to get a shot off, plus the ability to switch out D-pads. There is also a customization app that allows users to set different button mapping profiles to use with games.

SCUF, the third-party pro game controller maker, recently announced that it will be the exclusive third-party accessory provider for the Xbox One Elite Controller. Products have not yet been announced, but new thumbsticks, paddles, and other customization options are expected to be released over the coming year.

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[Image via Xbox; h/t: GameSpot]