Diabetes Drug Metformin Could Increase Human Lifespan To 120 Years

JohnThomas Didymus - Author

Nov. 30 2015, Updated 12:29 p.m. ET

Medical researchers say that the drug metformin, used for treating type 2 diabetes, could become the world’s first anti-aging drug that enables adults to live well beyond 120 years. According to experts, the drug could extend healthy life and lifespan, and stave off illnesses associated with aging, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Scientists believe that metformin, the world’s most widely-used diabetes drug, is a good candidate for an anti-aging drug because tests conducted using animals demonstrated the ability of the drug to slow down the aging process.

Metformin, which suppresses glucose production in the liver and increases sensitivity to insulin, has been used for more than six decades to treat type 2 diabetes and is considered a safe drug for humans.

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Recent tests, which show that metformin prolongs the lifespan and health of certain species of worms and strains of laboratory mice, have sparked interest in the drug as a possible anti-aging drug.

A series of tests, conducted by a team of Belgian researchers on a species of roundworms, C. elegans, found that metformin prolonged the lives of the roundworms by making them age more slowly and keeping them healthier for longer.

Other trials found that it also prolongs the healthy life and lifespan of certain strains of mice.


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