Sally Jones: Mom Of 2 Turned ISIS Fanatic Marked For Death By Secret British Hit Team, Report Says

Sally Jones, the 45-year-old mom of two who joined ISIS last year and made a series of public statements declaring her desire to behead Christians and to commit other acts of terrorism, has been marked for death by a secret British special forces hit squad that will soon be sent into Syria with a “kill list” of 20 leading ISIS terrorists, according to a report published November 29 in Britain’s Sunday Express newspaper.

Half of the top ISIS militants on the hit list are British nationals who have fled their home country for Syria where they pledged allegiance to the so-called “Islamic State.”

In all, about 700 British citizens are believed to be currently fighting with ISIS in Syria. Perhaps the most prominent among them was Mohammed Emwazi, better known as “Jihadi John,” the masked militant believed to have beheaded several British and American journalists and humanitarian aid workers in the grisly videos that thrust ISIS into worldwide notoriety in 2014.

But Emwazi was apparently killed earlier this month in a United States drone strike. With his death, Sally Jones — the Chatham, England, native who now goes by the name Sakinah Hussain — remains as the most famous British defector to ISIS.

Jones in her younger days fronted an all-female punk rock band. Her neighbors in Chatham described her as a “nightmare” who led a “chaotic lifestyle” and who previously claimed to practice witchcraft.

The mom of 10-year-old and 18-year-old sons converted to Islam in 2013 and married a top ISIS computer hacker half her age, 21-year-old Junaid Hussain, whom she met online.

But her husband was killed in a drone strike in the ISIS “capital” of Raqqa, Syria — the same city where the U.S. also caught up with “Jihadi John” — in August.

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After her husband’s death, Jones said she was “proud” that he had been targeted by the United States.

“I’m proud my husband was killed by the biggest enemy of Allah, may Allah be pleased with him, and I will never love anyone but him,” the mom-turned-terrorist wrote on Twitter at the time. “The Crusaders think they win when they kill us. They don’t we win.”

A video of an all-female ISIS paramilitary squad surfaced online in April, and though the identities of the women are obscured by full burqas, Sally Jones is thought to be the team leader shown in the video, which can be viewed below.

Jones is now believed to be moving into a leadership position in the ISIS computer hacking corps. But intelligence experts believe that her position in that group may be largely symbolic — a PR move on the part of ISIS — because the former make-up artist is not known to possess any significant computer skills.

Nonetheless, in October, Jones claimed credit for leaking personal information and private home addresses for Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, the alleged shooter in the U.S. slaying of terror chieftan Osama bin Laden, and highly decorated Army Sergeant Dillard Johnson — who in his memoir claims to have killed 2,746 enemy soldiers and militants during two tours in Iraq, making him perhaps America’s most lethal soldier.

“I leave these details online to cause havoc in his life and for my brothers and al Qaeda in the US to eventually hunt him down and kill him,” a message on a Twitter account believed to belong to Jones stated.

While the British parliament has not yet authorized its country to join in the bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria, with a vote scheduled for Wednesday, the hit squad from Britain’s Special Air Service — the special forces unit that was the model for the U.S. Army’s Delta Force — will be dispatched to Syria shortly, regardless of the outcome of the bombing authorization vote, the Sunday Express report stated.

The Sunday Express reported that the names of ISIS leaders targeted for assassination remains secret, British intelligence sources revealed that Sally Jones is one of those names, due mainly to her significance in the ISIS recruiting efforts aimed at young British nationals.

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