Mia Khalifa: Adult Video Star From Lebanon Slams French Flag Facebook Filter As ‘Narcissistic’

Mia Khalifa, the popular adult video star who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but was raised largely in Maryland, has lashed out at the attempts of Americans to show support for victims of the November 13 Paris terror attacks by altering their Facebook profile images. The 22-year-old Khalifa, who has also gone by the name Mia Callista and who has been appearing in professionally produced sex videos since 2014, derided the use of the Facebook French flag filter as “narcissistic.”

Shortly after the Paris attacks, the social media megalith offered users the option of adding the colors of the national flag of France as an overlay to their own profile pictures as a way of expressing support of “prayers” for Paris in the aftermath of the horrifying attacks which have been blamed on the Syria-based terror group ISIS.

Khalifa’s controversial comments — the latest in a series of provocative social media posts by the adult video actress — appeared on her Twitter account.

“Because nothing says ‘Prayers for Paris’ quite like a narcissistic selfie with a flag over it,” Khalifa said in one Twitter posting.

Khalifa’s own Twitter and Facebook accounts, however, contain numerous selfies of the Lebanese native — who has also courted controversy by wearing the traditional Muslim religious head scarf known as a hijab while performing explicit acts in several adult videos online — but she has yet to offer an opinion on the ISIS-connected suicide bombings in her own home city of Beirut, which took place the day before the Paris attacks.

The Beirut attacks killed 44 in two separate suicide bombings on November 12.

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Khalifa’s Twitter message produced a flurry of comments in response, both supportive of the adult video star and critical of her.

“Nothing says contributor to society like someone judging others who gets f***** on camera for a living,” wrote one sarcastic commenter.

But another wrote in support of Khalifa’s stance, “The fact that people think a flag filter is adequate support for France is sad. And there is no way they are actually ‘praying.'”

For those who have not heard of Mia Khalifa, or simply want to know more about the background of the sudden adult video sensation, the below video — which does not contain any sexually explicit imagery — created by the entertainment site Complex offers a brief primer on her origins and background.

Khalifa has created a backlash in the Muslim community by her use of the hijab in sexually graphic videos, but she herself is not Muslim, having been raised a Lebanese Christian.

She was reportedly discovered by an adult video producer while working at a Whataburger fast food franchise, and has appeared in at least 16 adult videos since her debut in October of 2014.

In December of 2014, the leading adult site Pornhub announced that Mia Khalifa had surpassed retired pornographic performer Lisa Ann as the site’s most-searched-for star.

Khalifa is also a self-proclaimed ardent sports fan, for some reason adopting the Florida State University football team as her favorite. Earlier this year, she created another controversy by tweeting directly to 17-year-old high school football star Iman Marshall, in an attempt to persuade him to attend FSU.

“I’m gonna have to start posting recruiting videos on my website, aren’t I?” Khalifa wrote to the teen.

Khalifa’s website says that it is open only to users over 18, and it contains graphic pornographic images and videos of Khalifa engaged in various sexual acts.

On November 22, the 53rd anniversary of the death by assassination of the 35th President of the United States, John. F. Kennedy, Mia Khalifa posted a tweet in remembrance of Kennedy, along with a vintage photograph of the slain president, a display of apparent patriotism by the adult video star.