Bizarre Accident In China Levitates Cars As The Internet Speculates The Mystery [Video]

There are often many mysteries that fill up the internet and get passed around so everyone can make their own assumption of what actually happened. The latest to make the viral rounds is a video of an accident in China that is bizarre and quite mysterious, as vehicles appeared to levitate and flip over for no reason whatsoever.

The News Junkie on Real Radio brought attention to the video that is freaking a lot of people out. Everyone in the video is going about their business as normal before two vans and a car thrown into the air by what seems to be nothing.

Sure, it looks like the villainous Magneto of X-Men fame was off camera and manipulating metal with his bare hands. Obviously, that isn't what was doing it, but what exactly made the cars lurch into the air, crash, flip over, and just do odd things?

The surveillance video from China is being passed around, and many people are trying to figure out what happened. Considering the quality of the video isn't the best in the world, it's hard to see all of the details and things that may be causing the problem.

As you can see in the video, the two vans on the left pop up into the air and collide while one overturns.

china car accident mystery bizarre levitate
[Image via YouTube]

According to the Daily Mail, very little is actually known about the video, which sees the second van crash loudly into the first van. The first van then lands on its side, and another car comes up to hit both from behind.

At the same time, the car on the right also has its back end lifted up into the air with what looks to be nothing underneath it. That car lands normally with a few bounces and then drives off.

china car accident mystery levitate
[Image via YouTube]

Of course, with no real explanation, everyone on the internet believes they know the real reason why this bizarre car accident in China happened. Some think it was an earthquake and others think that it had something to do with ghosts or another paranormal entity of some sort.

Here is one of the most reasonable explanations, as reported by Metro and a user named BloodBathandBeyond.

"The lorry (truck) on the right-hand side of the picture is dragging a downed line that snags the vehicles as they come from the opposite direction on the left-hand side of the picture. This is why you see a man run up to the driver of the lorry after the accident."

The person you see run up to the big truck on the right of the screen is in a hurry and does appear to have his hand up, telling the driver to stop.

Chinese media outlets reported the accident as being caused by a piece of steel cable that was out on the street. It was said to have been caught up in the brush of a street sweeper and then left out on the roadway, causing the freakish accident and car levitation.

No serious injuries have been reported.

Meanwhile, there are others online who don't want to believe in logic and are still claiming that a heavenly body did it to send a message.

The bizarre car accident in China did make vehicles appear to levitate and float up into the air with no reason at all, but there has to be a legitimate reason for it all. Sure, the most reasonable explanation may not be the most fun, but at least it makes sense.

[Image via YouTube]