Did MTV Pay For Engagement Ring Of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Amid Custody Battle With Adam Lind?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska may have received an early visit from Santa Claus in the form of MTV, who some say paid for that divine diamond engagement ring after her fiance Cole DeBoer sought help from the network to buy the sparkler.

Chelsea and Cole are known for their roles on Teen Mom 2, and stars shone in her eyes after they sealed their engagement with a diamond ring that supposedly was from DeBoer. But according to some antagonistic fans, Houska’s beau was the one who got MTV to shell out the big bucks for the ring, reported In Touch.

Who paid for that sparkling diamond ring? (Image via Teen Mom 2/Facebook)

However, Chelsea’s dad Randy came to the defense of the newly engaged couple. Randy tweeted his admiration for his daughter’s new engagement ring and welcomed Cole to the family.

“Finally got to see @ChelseaHouska in person yesterday. Cole did pretty good on [the rock]. Welcome to the crazy #houskaworld Cole,” tweeted Randy.

A fan taunted a response that supported the belief from many that MTV had actually paid for the ring.

“You mean MTV did good?!?” questioned the follower.

Randy backed up his son-in-law-to-be.

“No, I mean Cole did good #readwhatIwrote,” tweeted back Chelsea’s devoted dad.

DeBoer and Houska became engaged on November 18. Houska’s a mother of one, and the two dated for more than a year before confirming their love with the engagement.

Chelsea Houska cuddles with her daughter.
Chelsea Houska cuddles with her daughter. (Image via Chelsea Houska/Facebook)

Chelsea used Instagram to reveal her engagement to Cole, reported Us Weekly.

“He’s stuck now! @coledeboer,” joked Houska. “I honestly cannot believe how lucky I am. Finally found my Prince Charming and I get to be with him for the rest of my life!”

However, a man who’s been with Chelsea long before Cole came on the scene, her dad Randy Houska, is always there for his daughter. And while some parents might be upset to have their daughters become teen moms, Randy is proud of his Teen Mom 2 daughter.

And Houska made it clear on social media that he’s already also proud of his future son-in-law.

“Prince Charming > toad Ready to add another #soninlaw Lesson to you all: #DoNotSettleForLessThanYouDeserve Congrats @ChelseaHouska & Cole,” wrote Randy.

For those disappointed that they won’t get to view the actual proposal from Cole to Chelsea, there may be hope. MTV reportedly was filming at the time or close by, which means that those who are on Team Chelsea may be able to vicariously enjoy her romance and even see just how little Aubree responds. Aubree is 6, and her father is the ex of Chelsea, Adam Lind.

It's never dull on "Teen Mom 2."
It's never dull on "Teen Mom 2." (Image via Teen Mom 2/Facebook)

As for how Adam, Houska’s baby daddy, feels about all this? Lind has been involved in an intense custody battle with Chelsea, reported Radar Online.

Teen Mom 2 showed Adam determined to receive custody of Aubree following a six-month waiting period decreed by a judge. A court in South Dakota determined that 24-year-old Chelsea, who is a working mother, would receive full custody of the daughter that she and Lind share, granting that full custody for a minimum of six months.

Lind had sworn that he would change the custody situation so that he would have Aubree after the six months ended. However, the required waiting period has ended. At that time, Adam and Houska were supposed to be re-evaluated during a return to court.

But a source told Radar Online that Lind did not get the arrangement he wanted.

“Nothing has changed,” said that insider. “Aubree just started kindergarten, and Chelsea feels that her daughter needs to be comfortable with her new routine before anything else changes.”

Once the little girl is more comfortable in school, Chelsea is willing to talk with Lind about custody arrangements within the setting of mediation.

When Adam tried to get joint custody and visits with his daughter without supervision in March in court, Chelsea discussed Lind’s arrest charges and alleged use of steroids. Consequently, Lind’s visits with Aubree currently are limited to alternate weekends under the supervision of his parents.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is happily living with Cole, sporting that engagement ring and enjoying life as a mom. They recently added to their family a pet pig.

[Image via Teen Mom 2/Facebook]