WWE News: New Authority Stable Formed

In the latest WWE news, a new Authority stable has been formed, according to a report from World Wrestling Entertainment.

For a couple of weeks there, Sheamus was teaming with Bad News Barrett, who had told the media that he wanted to try out the tag team division. The two of them were loosely associated with Rusev. At the time, it appeared that WWE had put them together because they each had nothing better to do. They even teamed up at Hell in a Cell, where they were defeated by the mix and match tag team of Dolph Ziggler, Antonio Cesaro, and Adrian Neville. They were not viewed as an actual stable.

At the Survivor Series, Sheamus shocked the wrestling world when he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and robbed Roman Reigns of the WWE Heavyweight Championship, which he won by beating Dean Ambrose in the tournament final just a few minutes prior. On Monday Night Raw, Reigns demanded a rematch and wanted revenge against Rusev, who attacked him in the opening segment. Reigns ended up having to fend off Sheamus, Rusev, and Barrett by himself.

Sheamus The latest WWE news is that Sheamus captured the World Heavyweight Championship from Roman Reigns at the Survivor Series. [ Photo by WWE ]Reason For New Authority

If you’re wondering why a new Authority was formed, then look no further than the new champion. For the past several weeks, WWE has purposely cooled off Sheamus like they do with all the Money in the Bank winners now. They want the fans to forget about them so that it will be more of a surprise when they do win the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Since Sheamus doesn’t have a ton of momentum, the front office decided that he is going to need some help from Rusev and Barrett.

Another reason why the new Authority was formed is to increase support for Reigns. There are many detractors that still root against him being elevated into the top spot in WWE. If there is a stable that can generate massive heel heat by using dirty tactics, then there is a chance that the fans could change their minds and start rooting for Reigns to finally take the belt off of Sheamus. Wrestlemania is a couple of months away, so this plan needs to work in order for Reigns to take his throne.

Since WWE suddenly lost their top heel in Seth Rollins and no one was available as a replacement, they opted to use multiple performers to fill the slot.

Roman Reigns The latest WWE news is that a new Authority stable was formed to help generate more audience support for Roman Reigns. [Photo by WWE]New Authority When Seth Rollins Returns

The obvious question now that the new Authority has been formed is what the fate of Rollins is going to be when he comes back next summer from a torn ACL injury. Since he had been portrayed as the centerpiece of the heel stable, it is only natural for people to link him to the new group with Sheamus, Rusev, and Barrett. WWE has a built-in story line where Rollins can turn baby face after realizing that the Authority has turned their backs on him. A feud with Sheamus would then ensue.

WWE could also take an entirely different approach. Rather than have Rollins turning baby face and feuding with the stable, he could simply return and take over once again. Sheamus can step into a secondary role. By having three wrestlers backing up Rollins, he might be able to generate even more heel heat than when he was simply backed up by the less formidable quartet of Big Show, Kane, Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury.

While there are fans that are still disappointed with how things turned out on Survivor Series and Monday Night Raw, there is a lot of potential now for Seth Rollins and the new Authority stable down the line.

[Featured Photo by WWE]