Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Suppose To Drive While Filming ‘Liz and Dick’

When Lindsay Lohan drove her rented Porsche into the back of a semi-trailer last week the focus was on who to blame, however it should have been on the fact that Lindsay Lohan is not supposed to be driving while filming her new movie “Liz and Dick.”

In order to secure the required insurance needed to make the film the production company behind the movie was forced to sign away some of Lohan’s rights, including her ability to drive. Given Lohan’s past problems behind the wheel the insurance company decided to protect itself with the no driving clause.

Should Lohan not be able to finish the movie because of a car accident that injures her or puts her behind bars it would be the insurance company that was stuck with a large bill to pay.

According to insiders, the production staff for Liz and Dick knew the entire time that she was driving in violation of the policy but they didn’t seem to care, that is until she crashed the Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway. Following right behind Lindsay at the time was a production SUV.

The insurance company has not decided to cancel the policy at this time, however production staff have apparently warned Lindsay Lohan that she is no longer allowed to violate the no driving policy if she plans to remain in her starring role.

As for the accident Lohan could still face charges for her role in the event, especially after she allegedly lied in her initial police report when she initially told police officers she was not driving the car when it crashed.