Jared Sullinger Red Flags By NBA Doctors Over Back Problems

James Johnson

Ohio State Buckeyes draft prospect Jared Sullinger likely won't be chosen in the first round after sources revealed that the big man was red flagged by NBA doctors for back injury related issues which could potentially shorten his playing career.

Sullinger was put through a battery of medical tests during last weeks NBA draft combine and doctors grew concerned with his back.

Jared's father told ESPN.com:

"He had a bulging area that was due to his hamstring and quads being so tight. It pulled on his hip flexor and he's been taking care of it to loosen it. You can call it a red flag if you want. But it's tight hamstring and tight quads. He's been to doctors, he's doing yoga and deep tissue massage. The flexibility is helping take the pressure off the area.
"We've got nothing to hide. At this stage it's all about what they can't do. Jared is a skilled player. A two-time All-American. He can play."
"Jared is fine. He's moving better than I've ever seen him move."

Jared Sullinger recently worked out in New Orleans after previous displays for Golden State and Portland. So far his predraft agility tests have failed to impress coaches.