Amanda Bruce: Charlie Sheen’s Ex Girlfriend Explains Why She Had Unprotected Sex After Learning His HIV Status

Amanda Bruce said she knew that boyfriend Charlie Sheen was HIV positive but still decided to have sex with the actor without protection, doing so against the advice of her doctor.

Bruce was dating Sheen when he first found out that he had contracted the virus that causes AIDS. In an interview this week, Bruce revealed that she still chose to be intimate with Sheen “every day” after finding out.

Amanda said she met with doctors and took a drug that lowered her risk of contracting the virus while she slept with Sheen. She said it was a matter of trust in her boyfriend.

This week, Amanda Bruce appeared along with one of Sheen’s doctors, Robert Huizenga, on Dr. Oz and explained her decision.

“I mean, if I had met him on one night, and we had decided to engage in this, I’d say, ‘That’s Russian Roulette,'” she said, (via Hollywood Life). “The reality is, we had known each other for many months before we engaged in [sexual relations], and we were a couple, I was in love with him.”

Dr. Huizenga said he consulted with Amanda and determined that it was a low risk for her to continue sleeping with Sheen.

“I was the doctor for her boyfriend, we called in other doctors and they felt the risk of transmission if she took the prophylaxis and he had undetectable level was miniscule. We can’t say it’s zero,” he said. “And so basically I think my advice to her was, ‘Don’t do it, but the risk is miniscule.’ And she elected to then go forward because she felt so close and wanted that level of intimacy.”

Amanda Bruce said Charlie Sheen broke down when he told her his HIV status, crying in his bathroom as he revealed the news. The two have since broken up, but Bruce appears to harbor no ill will toward the actor.

There are others angry at Charlie Sheen for seemingly keeping his HIV status secret. Jenny McCarthy said she was upset that Sheen did not reveal his status during her appearance on Two and a Half Men, especially when she had to “sign a piece of paper that says, ‘Do you have cold sores?'” before working.

McCarthy, who kissed Sheen on the show, said he should have disclosed his status.

“If I had to be up front about a herpe, how could you not be up front about HIV?” she asked. “I look back and I’m like, OK, that would have been valuable information. I mean, look how many people have played his love interest on the show.”

There are others suggesting further action might be possible. TMZ noted that Charlie Sheen could end up going to jail if investigators determined that he knowingly exposed partners to the HIV. Los Angeles Police said there were no open investigations or allegations against the actor, however.

There have been other cases of people sentenced to jail for knowingly exposing people to HIV. In the late 1990s, a man named Nushawn Williams was convicted of infecting close to a dozen young women in Western New York, one of the first such cases. He ended up spending close to a decade in prison. There are reports that Sheen had unprotected sex with unknowing partners, a claim the actor and his reps deny.

Amanda Bruce said she and Charlie Sheen remained close after breaking up but no longer have sex.

[Image via The Dr. Oz Show]