Josh Duggar Sued By Adult Film Star For Assault As Anna Defies Duggar Family Dress Code With Pants For Baby Girl

Joanne Eglash

Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar, were the leaders of the 19 Kids and Counting youth pack when it came to couples following Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's parental example. They were married with a growing flock of children, and Josh regularly preached to his followers and fans about leading a virtuous life.

What a difference a year makes. Now the family reality TV show has been cancelled after Josh confessed to having molested five underage girls (four of whom were his sisters), followed by more confessions of cheating on Anna, using the Ashley Madison site to solicit extramarital affairs, and having an addiction to porn. Duggar then entered rehab to be treated for sex addiction, and the family sought to move on by focusing on a TV spin-off featuring two of the sisters he molested, Jessa Seewald Duggar and Jill Duggar Dilllard, as the Inquisitr reported.

But now Josh and Anna are back in the headlines again as Josh is faced with a lawsuit from an adult film actress who alleges that Duggar assaulted her twice during what is described as extremely rough sex that injured her physically and emotionally, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Danica Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Northup, described how Josh came up to her at a strip club in Philadelphia. Duggar gave her $600 for lap dances and then propositioned her with an offer of $1,500 for intimate relations at a hotel.

But the consensual sex act turned into a physical assault that caused a variety of injuries, according to the adult film star. Dillon also recounts how Josh went to a strip club where she was performing. He attempted to express his regret but then assaulted her again. As a result of those acts of violence, Danica wants $500,000 in damages from Duggar.

Among the charges that Josh faces from Dillon is that the adult film star "felt as if she were being raped," according to USA Today.

Duggar was formerly working as a conservative political lobbyist prior to being outed as what the father of four with wife Anna describes as a hypocrite.

"While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife," confessed Josh prior to entering rehab to be treated for sex addiction.

And where does this leave the wife that Duggar mentions? Anna may have decided she's ready to rebel. A hint that Anna is going against the rules of the Duggars comes from her decision to defy Michelle Duggar's modesty dress code for girls by dressing up one of her own daughters in pants, reported She Knows.

And if you think that Nanny-Gate (i.e., various male celebrities secretly having affairs with the family nanny) was big, it's nothing compared to Anna Duggar And Denim-Gate.

The jean brouhaha began when rebel cousin Amy Duggar's new husband, Dillon, shared a photo in which he was holding tiny Meredith.

"Isn't she so cute!!!!" captioned Dillon.

But it isn't the caption with which fans took issue. Instead, it was that Anna had dressed her 4-month-old daughter in pants, instead of the traditional Duggar family dress code that calls for skirts and dresses for girls and women.

"Wow she is wearing pants!!!! Stunning noooo skirt/dress," commented one shocked fan.

"She's such a cutie. I'm happy that Anna let her wear pants!" posted another.

Some fans contended that it was all right for babies and little girls to wear pants until age 6, while others argued in favor of pants under dresses for added modesty.

"I think they let the younger girls wear pants under the dresses until they are old enough to know the proper way to sit," theorized a fan.

What do you think? Should Anna Duggar follow the Duggar family tradition of little girls wearing skirts and pants, or is it time for her to defy the conservative family and possibly even leave Josh Duggar and Duggarville? Post your views below.

[Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook]