‘Scream Queens’ Season 2: Harry Styles To Possibly Join Cast? Ryan Murphy Hints A ‘Big Pop Star’ Is On Board

While FOX has not yet confirmed its order of Scream Queens Season 2, creator Ryan Murphy has already talked about his vision for the show’s renewal. Speaking at last month’s Fright Fest in New York City, he revealed that the show’s next season would retain “three or four” of its original cast members and would add 10 more – one of them a well-known male pop star.

“Singer. Big pop star. I can’t give it away, they’d kill me. A male.”

Murphy, who’s also known for American Horror Story and Glee, revealed that he’s getting a lot of emails from interested artists all eager to secure a role in Scream Queens Season 2. One of those vying for a role is AHS’ current star, Lady Gaga, who is admittedly a fan of the show.

The 49-year-old screenwriter didn’t divulge details about the pop star, but could it be Harry Styles? Reports have previously surfaced that the British crooner was given the green light to pursue a Hollywood career once the band goes on its extended hiatus next year.

According to Daily Mail, producer Harvey Weinstein said, “there’s no question [Styles] will enter the movie business.” Weinstein claims he got the chance to talk with the “If I Could Fly” singer.

“[Harry] doesn’t even have to audition for me. We offered him a part and he couldn’t do the movie because he had the tour. The amount of money their tour did is crazy, so he’s got obligations.”

Should Styles choose to join Scream Queens Season 2, he won’t be the first singer to become part of show. Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, and Nick Jonas also joined the first season.

During the same Q&A, Murphy revealed that Scream Queens Season 2 would have a different setting.

“Everybody loves the idea of it, and the conceit is three or four of the cast members [from season 1] survive. [And in the] second season, the survivors go off to a new venue — a horror based venue — and then they have to fight a new killer, a new villain, a new threat.”

scream-queens-cast [Photo via FOX]Murphy confirmed that they’d say “goodbye to the sorority world and go off to another venue.” For actor Oliver Hudson, the setting for Scream Queens Season 2 will remain frightening. When he recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live, he said that he’s scared to reveal details yet because they’re unsure if the show would be renewed.

“I have an idea. It’s scary. [But] I’m scared to reveal anything, [as] we don’t even know if it’s gonna be picked up. But whatever — think summer camp.”

The two-hour season finale of Scream Queens will air on Dec. 8. Viewers will finally find out about the Red Devil Team that’s responsible for the Wallace University murders.



Meanwhile, to celebrate the show’s conclusion, leading lady Emma Roberts chopped her waist-length golden locks. If the series will be renewed for Season 2, then viewers might have to brace themselves for a Chanel Oberlin 2.0.

emma-roberts-short-hair [Photo via Emma Roberts, Instagram]Who do you think is the male pop star who will join the cast? What are your theories about the Red Devil Team?

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]