Twerking Assault Victim Reveals What Happened After Video Ended — ‘They’re About To Kill Me’ [Video]

Earlier this month, the internet revealed one of the first examples of twerking being used as a form of sexual assault when two women were captured on surveillance video aggressively rubbing up against a stranger. The Inquisitr previously reported on this strange incident of “twerking assault,” but nobody knew how much further the story went.

According to the ABC7 News, the victim of the twerking assault, Washington Tharpe, has broken his silence since the world saw him get fondled. The 40-year-old claims things got a lot worse after the security camera footage stopped — so bad that Tharpe feared for his life.

The twerking assault victim claims what viewers saw on the viral video is “not what happened at all.” What some commenters called harmless flirtation was interpreted as a serious threat by Washington Tharpe. As he was attempting to pay for gas, the women continued to violate him sexually and even followed him out to his car.

“She grabbed my private part in the front and my private part in the back,” Washington Tharpe revealed in his interview. “I said, ‘OK, get off me. Stop.’”

Despite being a large man at six-foot, two-inches and 230 pounds, Tharpe claims he couldn’t get the twerking assault to stop, even after throwing one of the women to the ground. She got right up and proceeded to block his car door.

“They said, ‘take us with you.’ I said ‘no, I’m not taking you anywhere.’”

Washington Tharpe believed the twerking assault was only the beginning to a planned robbery, wherein the women would first come on to him sexually, then trick him into letting them in his car. And though Washington refused to give them a ride, the women found a way to follow him.

The twerking assault victim claims he drove away from the gas station and into a car wash to hide, but soon saw both women come in looking for him.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh shoot, they’re about to kill me,’” Tharpe said.

At that point he decided to call the police.

Until this week, Washington Tharpe, who is a teacher, had remained silent about the twerking assault, embarrassed to show his face and speak out about the incident. But he had read countless comments on the viral video from strangers who had no idea who the man was or what was really happening in the video. Most people believe Tharpe had simply been “twerked on” by a couple girls before he left the gas station, so he felt it was important to come out and tell the full story — not only to defend himself, but to be a representative for all victims of sexual crimes like the twerking assault.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with courage. I am like, I am so comfortable because I know the truth. I didn’t commit a crime. I didn’t do anything wrong, so I have nothing to worry about… I am speaking the truth. Maybe it will help someone else in the future.”

Washington Tharpe also plans to go on the Wendy Williams Show to talk further about the twerking assault.

According to the New York Daily News, one of the women involved in the twerking assault has been identified as Ayanna Marie Knight, who was arrested on November 10 and charged with sexual abuse in the third degree. She has already been charged with prostitution on three different occasions. The other woman in the video has not been identified.

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