Is Twerking Sexual Assault? It Might Be In This Bizarre Case

Twerking in public could be a sex crime if you do what these two women are accused of doing. Authorities in Washington D.C. have arrested one woman and are searching for a second after gas station surveillance footage captured them harassing a male customer. The details surrounding this bizarre case may be humorous to some, but it looks like sexual assault charges are being pressed due to the aggressive nature of their alleged actions.

NBC News 4 reports that D.C. Metro Police have released video footage of an incident, which took place in October. The video shows the two women, who were scantily dressed, twerking in a gas station. However, it wasn’t just innocent booty dancing since it was done at the extreme discomfort of one male customer, who did not appear to know either of the women personally. The video reportedly shows one of the women backing up into the male customer while twerking her buttocks. However, when the man backed away to avoid the uncomfortable sexual display, a second woman came into the video’s frame and began aggressively trying to grope and fondle the stranger.

When the man tried to walk away from the incident, the women reportedly followed him through the gas station while attempting to grope and fondle him. A police report documenting the incident alleged that the women “used force and grabbed the victim’s groin and buttocks multiple times in a very aggressive manner, without his permission and without his consent.” Over the course of the past month, they have made one arrest, but one of the female suspects remains at large. Police have not specified which of the two suspects has been arrested, nor have they released any names or other specific details on the case. However, they have confirmed that this incident is being classified as a case of third-degree sexual abuse. In Washington D.C., this crime is considered a felony, which can result in up to 10 years of imprisonment.

Yahoo News reports that Metro authorities are offering a reward in the amount of $1,000 to anyone who can help bring these suspects to justice. Even though one of the women has already been arrested and possibly charged with a crime, one of the suspects remains to be found. With all the media attention this case is attracting, it would be difficult to imagine that this woman is unaware that she is being sought by law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the victim of the alleged assault has spoken out to the media, claiming that he “feared for his safety” at the time of the incident. His comments have drawn humorous responses from people on social media, but would those responses be the same had the victim of this crime been female speaking out against male attackers? Do you think there is a double standard in how male victims of sexual abuse are treated in contrast to female victims?

If you recognize either of the women shown in the surveillance video and photos, please do not hesitate to contact the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police at (202) 576-6600. Your information could lead to the arrest of the second suspect, and you may be eligible for the reward that is being offered.

[Image via Twitter via D.C. Metro Police]

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